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Elizabeth Zaffina

Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Westport, CT


Elizabeth Zaffina joined Kappa Delta Sorority the fall of her freshman year.  Elizabeth immediately engulfed herself in Kappa Delta, volunteering and helping in anyway she could.  Her hard work, dedication, and heart were always present—along with her smiling face! At the end of last semester, Elizabeth was chosen to be Vice President of Community Service, where her duties entail planning all of Kappa Delta’s philanthropic events. As Vice President of Community Service last year, I could not be more proud to see Elizabeth shine after the countless hours of hard work she has put into this year’s Shamrock the Runway, which was no doubt a sheer success!


Elizabeth (left) volunteering after school for a Girl Scout program with freshman KD, Connie (right) 




KG: So, Elizabeth, you are in charge of this year’s Shamrock the Runway. For those that don’t know about Shamrock, tell us a little about it.

EZ: Shamrock the Runway is Kappa Delta’s biggest fundraiser of the year! It is a fashion show that features our very own SHU students in a series of sections: casual wear, swimwear, and eveningwear. All proceeds benefit Prevent Child Abuse America, one of our four philanthropies.

KG: I couldn’t be more proud. Your hard work and dedication shines through this event! How has being in charge been? What were some highs and lows of your planning and execution experience? Any suggestions for others who have to plan a large event?

EZ: Being in charge of this event has been so amazing! It’s a lot of hard work and planning. Considering the success we have had with the past shows, there’s definitely that drive to make it a great and memorable show which can be a bit nerve-wracking. You did such an awesome job planning the show last year and I totally want to live up to that expectation! There have been so many highs in the planning process. Just seeing members get excited and wanting to be involved is really cool! Some lows are my lack of foresight. I am so guilty of procrastinating, so it was a real struggle trying to kick that habit and get everything done on time. I’m a work in progress, which brings me to my next point: Some suggestions for others who have to plan a large event…don’t procrastinate! Some things do come up suddenly and some things don’t go as planned. But, they usually have a way of working out in the end. So, just be ready to handle the sudden changes and, most importantly, don’t let them discourage you. The earlier things are done, the better off you’ll be.

KG: After spending months working on this event, what have you learned about planning events in general?

EZ: Delegate! Delegate! Delegate! Planning an event is totally a team effort. I’ll admit that I’m the type of girl who will try to do everything on her own…physically impossible! I found that little tasks here and there add up pretty quickly when planning a major event such as this, so it’s important to ask for help when needed and try to spread out the responsibility.

KG: Because you want to be a teacher, do you feel that being VPCS has helped you strengthen any characteristics or qualities that will carry on over into your future as a teacher?

EZ: Being VPCS, you find yourself dealing with all sorts of different people. I’m definitely a people person, so I love that! But it totally forces you out of your comfort zone when having to network and communicate on a more professional level. This ties into teaching 100%. Eventually I will be forced to deal with so many different types of parents and keep my cool all the while. You come across the control freaks, the over-involved parents, and even the lazy ones. Working with the community as a whole definitely prepares you for any pf these encounters!

KG: Besides Kappa Delta, what are some of your other involvements at Sacred Heart?

EZ: Aside from being a member of Kappa Delta, I give tours as a Student Ambassador on campus, I work with the Education Club as their Secretary, and I’m a member of women’s club soccer…Go Pioneers! I’m also a student (on occasion).

KG: What are some hobbies you enjoy in your down time?

EZ: Hobbies include sleeping, running, and playing with puppies.

KG: I have no doubt you will achieve all of your goals. Ideally, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

EZ: Living somewhere down South away from all this snow! Preferably on a beach and employed. I hope to one day be teaching a class of my own and just “livin’ the dream” from there on.


Let’s hear it for Elizabeth Zaffina! Her hard work and determination are true assets to Sacred Heart’s Kappa Delta Sorority! Her friendly personality and smiling face can cheer up anyone’s day! Elizabeth, here’s to what you will accomplish in your last few years at Sacred Heart and beyond that!




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