The Definition of a Red's Local

To the nights we’ll never forget, and the Monday nights you didn’t realize you would? This little student hub is the perfect place to drink away the pain of that last exam and the descending number on the senior countdown clock. Holding the title of a “Reds Local” brings both pride and a little shame as you come to question your priorities as you show up for the 5th weekday in a row. What exactly defines a “Red’s Local?” Is it being in every Red’s Flickr album? Having every bartender know your go-to order?

1. A casual “one drink” after class turning into 5 beers on a Monday night.

2. Knowing all the Red’s staff and getting your drink brought to you before you even order.

3. Switching over to spiked seltzers after realizing the effects of drinking too many beers every night.

4. Getting too excited whenever Red’s gets a new IPA or ale on tap to switch up your weekly routine.

5. Realizing how fun painting can be after a few glasses of wine (for some reason your painting never turns out the same as the instructors).

6. Having a closet full of Red’s apparel and gear after dominating the weekly trivia games.

7. Drinking a table away from the professor who gave you a 20% on your last exam.

8. Experiencing that shameful feeling when the lights flash on at 11:15 PM and you realized you’ve managed to stay until closing time (again).

9. Knowing the most important Red’s hack of all: Chex Mix.

10. Trying to distract yourself from the ominous presence of the senior countdown clock.


Yeah, I’ll have another drink to that.