Coachella 101: A Guide to Recreating 2017’s Best Festival Looks

I spent much of my Easter break dealing with the unpleasant symptoms of “end-of-semester-itis." Meanwhile, some of the luckier ones spent this past weekend at Coachella, aka the “it” music and arts festival known to give us chill desert vibes all the way from the West Coast.

If there’s one thing that's certain, Coachella attendees do know how to make a fashion statement. This year’s looks varied from fun and flirty floral prints, to traditional bohemian-inspired outfits, to glittery grunge attires, to some rather eccentric costumes. 

Regardless of your personal preferences, if you’re looking to step up your spring/summer fashion game, Coachella is a great place to draw inspiration and discover the hottest trends to implement into your own style. 


Standout hairstyles included classic beachy waves, pretty braids, natural curls and bold dyes. Whether you feel like embracing your natural texture, going a little wild with some temporary hair color spray, or sticking to a festive braided ‘do, Coachella is proof that the more variety, the better. Here’s a tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to achieve gorgeous festival-inspired braids!


Festival beauty is most certainly incomplete without makeup. Coachella 2017 saw a mixture of bold, natural, and a new stream of glittery makeup looks. Victoria’s Secret Angel Martha Hunt glammed up her face by adding glittery eyeshadow to her otherwise natural makeup. Sparkles aren’t just for five-year old girls anymore. Don’t be afraid to let your eyes, cheekbones, or even lips glitter in the summer sun!


If Instagram feeds and Snapchat stories are any evidence, Coachella outfits this year were major goals. Takeaway trends included maxi dresses, classic denim cutoffs, graphic tees, off-the-shoulder everything (tops, dresses, rompers, you name it…) and delicate bralettes galore. While floral patterns and tribal prints made their usual appearance, I noticed that this year, a lot of people went for plain and simple bold/pastel colors. It’s definitely good to have a couple of statement pieces that really spice up your wardrobe, but don’t ignore the endless possibilities of mixing and matching basic colors when putting together an outfit. 


Still a little torn on how to really nail the Coachella look? Lucky for us, affordable clothing brands like Forever 21 and H&M have entire sections dedicated to festival fashion on their websites! 

The warm weather has finally arrived, and Coachella is the inspo you need to embrace the heat in style!