Campus Cuties: April Jauregui and Rachel Zacharczyk

April Jauregui

The Basics:

Age: 21

Hometown: Ronkonkoma, NY

Year: Senior

Major: Spanish for the Secondary Education 5th Year Master’s Program

Campus Involvement/ Leadership Positions: Member of: Alpha Delta Pi, SHU Choirs, Honors Program, and cellist in the Strings Ensemble. Leadership Positions: House Manager at the Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts and President of the Gay-Straight Alliance at SHU.

Favorite Things:

Emoji: Sunglasses emoji

Food: Cheeseburgers 

Drink: (Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic): Alcoholic: Sangria. Non-alcoholic: Mountain Dew

Artist/Band: John Mayer

Clothing Store: Kohl's

This or That:

Romantic night in or wild night out: Romantic night in

Fancy candlelit dinner or Netflix in bed: Netflix in bed

Summer sun or Winter snow: Summer sun

Going out to the club or one-person dance party in your bedroom: Depends on my mood, but I'd usually go with the club!

iPhone or Android/Other: iPhone

Rachel Zacharczyk

The Basics:

Age: 19

Hometown: Ocean Township, NJ

Graduation Year: 2018

Major: Social Work

Campus Involvement/Leadership Position: Member of: SHU Student Ambassadors, The Theater Arts Program, SHU Choir, Honors Program. Leadership Positions: Leader for Food Pantry in Volunteer Programs and Service Learning (VPSL); Community Connections 2015 Leader (VPSL); Vice President Gay-Straight Alliance. 

Favorite Things:

Emoji: Poop emoji

Food: Turkey bacon

Drink: (Alcoholic or Non- Alcoholic): Earl Grey Tea

Artist/Band: The Beatles

Clothing Store: Goodwill or other consignment shops

This or That:

Romantic night in or wild night out: Romantic night in

Fancy candlelit dinner or Netflix in bed: Netflix in bed

Summer sun or Winter snow: Summer sun

Going out to the club or one-person dance party in your bedroom:  One-person dance party

iPhone or Android/Other: Android

(April on the left, Rachel on the right!)

Q&A Time!

Q: How did you both first meet each other/get together?

A: We first met at our GSA meetings last year. I was the President of the club so I led our meetings. Rachel was a member who came to every single meeting. I had no idea she liked me and honestly didn't really even pay attention besides acting like a friend. I'm pretty oblivious apparently.

R: So, yes, we met in GSA and I was an active member who happened to develop a "large school girl crush" on April. The first time we conversed was (on Facebook messenger) a few weeks before she left to study abroad in Spain and from then on we talked on and off. Fast forward to this semester we started spending more time around each other and what do you know, here we are!

A: She basically waited until I was leaving to start talking to me, and then told me she had a crush on me while I was in Spain. So we talked on and off while I was abroad and when I came back, we started taking it more seriously and made it official at the beginning of the semester.

Q: What was your first date like?

R: I was visiting Eugene McDonough (hey shout out!) and took a side trip to have a coffee date with April that was actually a "GSA Business Meeting."

A: Yeah, I actually remember asking multiple people whether I was supposed to take this coffee presidential meet-up as a date or a legitimate meeting. When we were actually there in person, it was fine and we kind of had a mix of conversation between getting to know each other and GSA business so I was still confused at the end of it but it was still nice. And then she was extremely awkward when we were leaving because we didn't know whether to hug or not. I ended up just saying to her, "don't be awkward, just hug me."

Q: What, in your opinion(s), is the ideal date?

R: I like coffee dates that turn into hours long of conversions. and watching the sunset.A: I'm usually up for anything, but I really enjoy ones where the other person puts in the effort to make it special. It doesn't have to be crazy or over-the-top, but I like knowing that the other person went out of their way to try to make me happy, whether that's through picking up on a small detail I've mentioned in conversation or doing something out of the ordinary that they thought I'd like.

Q: What is the one thing you do that never fails to make the other smile?

R: "STOOOOPPP YOU'RE MIIINEEEEE!"A: We literally just yell "MINE" at each other all the time, and sing really random songs in weird ways to get them stuck in the other's head. Usually it's "Wildest Dreams" by Taylor Swift or "Sorry" by Justin Bieber.

Q: How did you both spend Valentine's Day together? 

We both have off on Fridays so we decided to drop all responsibilities and go on an adventure into the city and spend an hour at the Meow Parlor (a cute cafe where you can drink coffee/eat pastries and play with kitties.). We then proceeded get dinner at a random restaurant and then go to a cute coffee shop. After that we waited in the coldness for an hour in order to get seats to a kick-ass poetry slam at the Nuyorican (do recommend). Then we took the last train back to CT and here we are. 

Q: And finally, what is your favorite thing about each other?

R: I love how apt she is to seek understanding whether it is in conversation, in posts on twitter or Facebook, or in relationships with other people. Her curiosity brings her on such cool adventures and I love it... and her! 

A: I love how dedicated she can be to the things she cares about. Once she starts doing something, she wants to do it with her whole heart and self. I think it shows how much she truly cares about what she does, as well as the people around her. It makes everyone around her want to get excited for it too because her positive attitude is infectious.