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Campus Cutie: Trish Flaherty

The Bae-sics

Name: Trish Flaherty

Year: Junior

Hometown: Westchester, NY

Major: Marketing with a double minor in Fashion Merchandising and Digital Advertising

Campus Involvement: Alpha Delta Pi, SoulCycle College Ambassador, Twin Tides Ambassador

Relationship Status: Mentally dating the entire New York Giants Roster (actually single) ;)

These Are A Few of Her Favorite Things:

Sports Team: New York Giants…DIE HARD FAN HERE!

Color: Teal

Quote: “CEO is my favorite position” –Lauren Conrad

Song: Anything rap…my mixtape should be dropping soon

Place to Shop: Tobi

Celeb Crush: JJ Watt (heart face emoji)

Job: My AMAZING internship with Kate Spade this summer

Brand: Lululemon

Workout: SOULCYCLE duh.

Spot to scout potential baes: The gym when the sports teams are there or the library on a good day.


Think Fast:

Instagram or Twitter: Insta (follow me duh @trishflats)

Save or Spend: SPEND $$$

Locals or SHU Boys: SHU Boys would be the safer option

Star or Dreamz: The Star, of course!

City or Suburbs: City

Truth or a Lie: Truth

Football or Hockey: Football!

Salty or Sweet: Sweet

Tinder or Bumble: Tinder…lol

Soul or the gym: SOUL (Boys distract me at the gym)


Good For The SOUL

So I hear you had a pretty sweet ambassadorship with Soul Cycle this year, can you tell us more about it?

Last year I was introduced to SoulCycle and instantly fell in love with every aspect of it. Over the summer, I would rush home from my summer internship in NYC just to make the evening classes. SoulCycle sent out a global email over the summer about their new “Soul on Campus” program, and I saw that Sacred Heart was on the list! I applied immediately, and the rest was history! My role as an ambassador is to spread SOUL across the campus. I set up group rides for tons of organizations on campus, handed out free passes in the hallway  and promoted SoulCycle on social media. I am basically a SOULebrity on campus. It’s been such an amazing experience!


What was your role with Confidence With Heart through Soul Cycle?

When Panhellenic came to my chapter discussing Confidence with Heart, I knew this was something I wanted SoulCycle Westport to be involved in! During the week, I tabled outside of Outtakes with free passes, as well as setting up a huge group ride for all SHU women to participate in. SoulCycle has done a lot for me in terms of confidence and body image, and I wanted girls across the SHU campus to feel the same.


In a world filled with G-Star and The Merritt, what’s your best advice for staying in shape?

Trust me, I was not always this way when it came to working out! I was a REAL victim of the Freshman 15 (More like 20 but shhhh). My best advice would be finding something you love, incorporating it into your daily schedule and sticking with it.  I currently go to SoulCycle five-six times a week. I plan it into my school and work schedule. I can go to SoulCycle in the worst mood possible and come out with a completely different mindset. 


Now that your internship is coming to a close, what’s on the horizon for your future with Soulcycle?

This sounds super crazy, but I really hope to one day be an instructor! Prior to SoulCycle, I had a really hard time with anxiety, body image and confidence. These classes lead by such amazing instructors have really changed my life. The SoulCycle instructors are basically celebrities. SoulCycle not only changes your body but also changes your mind. Plus, I would have a pretty dope playlist for my classes I must say. 


You go, girl!

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Haley Rose

Sacred Heart

Haley is a sophomore at Sacred Heart where she's majoring in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising. Aside from being apart of the Executive Board of Alpha Delta Pi sorority and the Features Editor of Her Campus, she enjoys Chipotle, Amazon Prime, Gossip Girl, and Gilmore Girls. 
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