Campus Cutie: Tom Peticca

The Basics:

Name: Tom Peticca

Nickname: Maverick

Year: 2017

Hometown: Franklin Lakes, NJ

Major: Communications

Relationship Status: Single ;)

On-Campus Involvements: WHRT, Spectrum Newspaper and Sports Media Club

Hobbies/Interests: Magnets, Snowboarding, Frisbee and sitting on the beach


Person at SHU: Matthew Calton

Go-to song: Mr. Brightside by the Killers

Music genre: Country

Place to hang out: Degenerate Field

Pizza topping: Bacon

Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate

Holiday: Festivus

Drink of Choice: Busch Bavarian or PowerAde Mountain Berry Blast - can't go wrong either way

Memory at SHU: Singing along to "I Wont Give Up" by Jason Mraz with my roommates

Least favorite part about SHU: Parking situation

This or That:

Merritt or Best Eds: Merritt Canteen, no doubt

Fall or Spring semester: Fall

Jets or Giants: Giants

Bud Light or Shock Top: Bud Light

Martire or main campus building: Martire

House party or bar: House party


How does it feel to be a senior? It feels scary, I'm not ready to graduate in a year.

Any big summer plans? Lots of summer concerts and sitting on the beach.

What’s your ideal date? Enjoying a rum ham dinner followed by a long walk on the beach.

Tell us…how much do you like wiffle ball? If I had to rank my top five backyard games to play, wiffle ball would be four of them.