Campus Cutie: SHU Football's Kellen Sperduto

Basic Information:

Name: Kellen Sperduto (Kel or Duto)

Age: 21

Year at SHU: Junior

Major: Business Administration

Home State: New Jersey

Contribution to SHU: Linebacker on the SHU Football team, #43

Relationship Status: Ladies, he’s oh-so-very single

Kellen (left) with Bobby Valentine, SHU's atheltic director.

Some of his Favorites:

Color: White or Black

Music: Alternative or Acoustic covers

     SC: “Any favorite bands?”

     KS: “Blink 182 or One Direction…don’t judge”

Hobbies: Video Gaming (FIFA soccer to be exact) and snowboarding

Sports Team: New York Giants


Q&A’s with Kel:

SC:  What do you like in a girl?

Kel: “A girl who can play hard to get while being upfront at the same time, preferably blonde.”


If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Kel: “Mysterious, focused and athletic, but I’m also really outgoing.”


Do you have any pet peeves?

Kel: “I hate the phrase ‘LOL’”


Something really important to Kel is his baby, Mojo. No, Mojo is not an actual baby; he’s actually Kellen’s puppy! (However he may as well be his baby). Mojo is almost one year old. Sorry ladies, he is the love of Kel’s life.


So Mojo’s birthday is right around the corner. Do you have any plans for the big day?

Kel: “Of course! Since it’s his first birthday on April 12, we are thinking of having a day party (only puppies are allowed to attend) for him followed by a party to celebrate the greatest dog of all time…I’m not kidding.”