Campus Cutie: Nicole Gomez-Nieto

Meet Nicole Gomez - Nieto, a junior here at Sacred Heart University! I met Nicole during our sophomore year, and in that short period of time, she has grown to become one of my best friends.

Nicole went random for sophomore year housing and was placed into my suite in North. She fit in with our group perfectly and we have all been close ever since.

She is one of the kindest and funniest people that I have ever met!


The Basics:


Major: Health science with an OT track

Minor: Psychology

Year: Junior

Originally from: Phoenix, Arizona

Hometown: West Simsbury, Connecticut

Campus Involvement: Student Ambassadors, Best Buddies and Pre-OT club

Hobbies/ Interests: Hanging out with friends, shopping, baking, watching movies, and hiking

Personal Aesthetic: Bohemian




Favorite food: Pasta and meatballs

Favorite TV show: The Office

Favorite movies: The Devil Wears Prada

Favorite spot on campus: The Diner

Favorite place to shop: American Eagle





How has college changed you? 

College has helped me to become more outgoing and come out of my shell a bit. I have always been fairly shy.”


What made you want to go into OT:

 “Well my young brother has down syndrome. I used to sit in on his Occupational Therapy sessions and it inspired me to want to help other people!”


Favorite memory from your time here at SHU:

My favorite memory from my time here at Sacred Heart has to be Sophomore move in day because that was the day I met my best friends.”


Where do you see yourself in five years:

“In five years from now I hope to be working in a hospital as an Occupational Therapist.”