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Campus Cutie: Kieran Walsh

Age/Grade: Sophomore, 19

Hometown: River Vale, NJ

Relationship Status: Single

Major/Minor: Double Art Major

Sports/Clubs/Organizations: (what are you involved in?) Soccer


Maggie Bortner: Okay, so the first question, which I am sure is on everybody’s mind: How do you get your hair to look so good?

Kieran Walsh: What can I say, I woke up like is.


MB: You are definitely flawless. You are also a member of the Sacred Heart soccer team. What would you say are the perks of being on a sports team?

KW: The best part is that it’s an instant brotherhood.


MB: How do you predict the team will do this year?

KW: I don’t see a better team in the NEC. Champions, no less.


MB: How do you spend your free time when you’re not playing soccer?

KW: Teaching the young children of Bridgeport, helping old ladies cross the street, saving cats from trees.


MB: Wow! You must be a local hero around these parts! On that note, who is your celebrity crush?

KW: Candice Swanepoel. She’s so sexy.


MB: I agree completely. So, what qualities do you look for in a girl?

KW: Big booty…


MB: Oh… That’s it? Okay then. Here’s a simple question: What’s your favorite color?

KW: Gold all in my watch.


MB: All gold everything, nice. Tell me, what’s your theme song?

KW: Any Lil Wayne song.


MB: What is your guilty pleasure?

KW: Shoes.


MB: Give me four things you would like to cross off your bucket list.

KW: Stand at the bottom Mount Kilimanjaro, spend a day at the Playboy mansion, attend the World Cup final, and go into outter space.


MB: Very interesting! Finally, what is something no one would ever guess about you?

KW: I don’t wear boxers on the weekends. 



It’s safe to say Kieran has all you’re looking for ladies– looks, a sense of humor, AND he’s a Division 1 athlete. What more could you want?


Maggie Bortner is a junior at Sacred Heart University. She is a business marketing and fashion merchandising major, with a minor in French. She is a leading member in her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, here on campus. She likes to spend her free time working out at the gym and spending hours online shopping.
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