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Campus Celebrity: Sean Quigley

Year: Freshman

Major: Finance/Marketing

Hometown: Kendall Park, New Jersey

He’s super involved, and he’s also an avid dog lover– impressive!


LL: What clubs/organizations are you involved in on campus?

SQ: I am the Treasurer of College Republicans, Treasurer of the Inter-Fraternity Council, a member of Business Admin Club, a Brother of Delta Tau Delta and, most recently, I was selected to be a Residential Success Assistant (RSA).


LL: Wow! What is the Inter-Fraternity Council and what are your responsibilities as Treasurer?

SQ: Being a member of the Inter-Fraternity Council gives you a unique outlook on Greek Life as a whole. You’re very involved with planning the recruitment events, speaking to prospective students and meeting members of other organizations/fraternities. Overall, my responsibilities consist of planning the budget and managing the IFC dues for all of the chapters.


LL: Who are the “College Republicans?” How did you become involved and what is your role as treasurer?

SQ: The College Republicans is a relatively new club on campus. We focus on discussing political issues and future elections. This year, myself and two other members had the privilege of meeting Senator Tom Foley. I became involved because I enjoy political debates, and I wanted to start my college career off by getting involved right away. As treasurer, I am responsible for formulating the budget and collecting member dues.


LL: Delta Tau Delta just won Fraternity of the Year. What an accomplishment! What steps did your fraternity take to earn this recognition?

SQ: Winning Fraternity of the Year and being a member of Delta Tau Delta is truly an honor. Earning this recognition was a combined effort from the entire Brotherhood. Representing and conducting ourselves in a mature manner led to earning this recognition. We are very passionate about our philanthropies, especially our local philanthropy which aims to raise awareness for domestic violence and sexual abuse against women. Overall, the bond between the brothers of Delta Tau Delta brought us together, and we will continue striving to make a difference in the community.


LL: How do you balance being so involved on campus with school work and having a social life?​

SQ: For me personally, I do better academically the busier I am. Having said that, balancing my involvement on campus with schoolwork and having a social life is easy because I have learned crucial time management skills.


LL: You make it seems so easy. As the year comes to an end, what has been your favorite memory from freshman year?

SQ: Favorite memory of freshman year was receiving a bid from a fraternity and becoming part of Greek Life. It expanded my network where I got to meet a lot of new people and become part of a Brotherhood, which is now similar to a second family.



LL: What do you like to do in your spare time (if you have any)? Do you have any hobbies?

SQ: I like to golf, go fishing and watch hockey.


LL: What are your plans for this summer?

SQ: Spending time with family and friends is my main focus. Aside from that, I will be at the beach every chance I get, working, and attending corporate information sessions to see where I’d like to begin my career.


LL: If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

SQ: Ronald Reagan because he is the epitome of an American Leader.


LL: What is your dream job?

SQ: I want to start a successful Hedge Fund with my three younger brothers.


LL: Favorite quote?

SQ: “Be happy with what you have, while working for what you want.”

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