Campus Celebrity: Red’s

 This week’s Campus Celebrity is none other than Red’s, the on-campus pub located in the basement of Linda E. McMahon Commons that you have been dying to enter since freshman year. As an underclassman, you always wonder what is down those mysterious stairs as you walk into the main entrance of Linda’s to order food. You picture all the fun you and your besties will have down there in just a few years. But, for now, it will only be a figment of your imagination until the most anticipated day of the year…your twenty-first birthday.

Located in the center of campus, Red's is the perfect spot to grab a drink after class with some friends. Honestly, what is better than being able to stay on campus to go grab a drink after a stressful exam? Oh, and did we mention that Red's only charges three dollars per beer or glass of wine? Some beers, like Bud Light, are only two dollars! Remind me again why we'd ever want to leave?



Red’s is open seven days a week for students and staff. They have a variety of activities each night, such as Monday Night football, Trivia Wednesdays, and Flight Fridays. If you're a die-hard fan, you can even join the Mug Club. Membership is offered to anyone who is a part of the SHU community each year. By joining, you pay thirty dollars up front and an additional fifteen dollars if you want a personalized engraving. For the rest of your time at SHU, your mug will be sitting pretty at Red's waiting for your arrival. Your drinks will be served in your exclusive mug. Sweet deal, right?



But one of the most anticipated events that takes place once a month at Red's is Senior Pub Night! This semester we have seen America, Plaid, and NFL themes. Held on Wednesday nights, Senior Pub Night is a great way to bond with the senior class and ignore that huge graduation countdown board that practically stares us down each time we go down to enjoy a beer (or two).


A recent addition to the Red’s weekly lineup is After Hours. Held Tuesdays from 9pm-12am, Red's turns into a blacklight party with a dj and dance floor! Basically, Red's is trying to deter students from going to a place we used to know and love, G-Star. But let’s be realistic here, by the time we turn 21 we are ready to move on to bigger and better things. Who wants to pay $10 to get in to a crappy dive bar where you are constantly getting beer poured on you by underclassmen? We'd prefer Red's any day.



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