Campus Celebrity: Michael Tartaglia

Name: Michael Tartaglia

Year: Senior

Major: English and Secondary Education

Minor: Theatre

Hometown: Shelton, Connecticut


Campus Involvement: The Theatre Arts Program, Social Chair of the SHUpermen Choir and I am a Student Ambassador.

What is your favorite part about being a Pioneer?

My favorite part about being a Pioneer is being a part of a university where everyone supports one another in everything. It is truly humbling to see all of my friends from different social groups and activities supporting me in everything that I do here at SHU and knowing that it is like that for everyone who goes here at the same time. 

How do you balance all of your leadership roles and extracurricular activities on top of already having to complete all of your academic work?

It’s funny because everyone ALWAYS asks me this question! It all has to do with time management. Ever since I was little, my parents always taught me how to manage my time wisely and be successful while doing it. Thus, after doing it all throughout high school, it just continued with me into college. Basically, I make sure to do all of my work on time and not to procrastinate. I balance out my priorities and plan everything I have to do in advance and I make sure that I stick to it. My planner is my best friend in making all of it possible!

What shows have performed in and which one was your favorite?

Since my freshman year, I have been involved in 12 shows here at SHU! I am currently in another play called The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Out of all of these shows, I would have to say my favorite was You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown the musical where I got to play the role of Snoopy. I loved this show because it had a very small cast, in which we were all able to bond and become close and I loved being able to bring the iconic character of Snoopy to life on stage!


So, I heard that you wrote a play for Theatrefest. That's so amazing! Tell us a little about that experience. 

I did! It was for my senior capstone. Due to my vast experience in theatre, I thought that it would be fun to write a play. After weeks of and trashing multiple ideas, I finally came up with “The Detention Game." TDG is a comedic murder mystery where 7 students are stuck in detention on a Friday night, the night their high school’s big football game against their rival school. What seems like a normal night in detention soon turns for the worst when their teacher drops dead. Thinking it’s an accident, the student’s rush to try to find help, but realize they are locked in the classroom. One thing leads to the other and the students learn that the death of their teacher was in fact not an accident, but was intentional. The play turns into a major whodunit where the students try to find out who killed the teacher and why. It’s full of comedic moments and suspense. 

What is SHUpermen?

SHUpermen is an all men’s choir, here on Sacred Heart’s campus! It was founded in the fall of 2013 and is SHU’s first-ever all-male choral ensemble group! The group consists of about 25 men, singing selections that span many different genres and years. I am the Co-Social Chair of the group alongside my brother, where we are in charge of all of our social media accounts as well as social events. 

What do you want after college?

After graduating with my bachelor’s degree this spring, I am continuing my education in graduate school at SHU where I will be getting my masters degree in Secondary Education. After graduating with my master’s degree, I want to be a middle school/ high school English teacher. Then I hope to go back to school to get my 6th year degree and certification in Special Education. Eventually, I want to go back to school and get my O-92 degree and be certified in Administration. Besides the world of Education, I would love to continue acting with my brother in television and film.  

What's special about being a student ambassador?

The special part about being a student ambassador is being able to play an important part role in shaping the futures of prospective students who visit SHU. If they become a future Pioneer or not, it is still great to be able to meet people from all over the country and share my experience at SHU with them. Knowing that I am impacting and help shaping the futures of hundreds of prospective students is such a powerful feeling and it is definitely something that you will not get by doing any other activity on campus.