Campus Celebrity: Christina Rota

Name: Christina Rota                        

Year: Junior

Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut

Major: Sociology, Minor: Marketing

Campus Involvement: Her Campus Club Executive Board Retention Coordinator, Alpha Delta Pi Fitness Chair, Captain Club Tennis, Office of Global Affairs Assistant.


I never realized there was a Health & Fitness Chair in sororities. Is this something only ADPi as?

It’s something ADPi has taken on because of me! I live a very active lifestyle of working out and staying healthy and wanted to share that with the other girls in my chapter. 


As Wellness Chair, what role do you play in your sorority?

My role is to encourage and motivate the girls to work out and lead healthy lifestyles. I post weekly motivational posts on our chapter's Facebook page that are either quotes or workouts. At chapter, I remind the girls to keep moving, and I encourage anyone who wants to learn targeted exercises or how to properly use the campus equipment to reach out to me .


You’re also captain of Club Tennis. What made you decide to join Club Tennis?

I’ve been a tennis instructor for four years now. I work during the summers in my hometown. I also played for my high school team, so joining Club Tennis was a great way for me to continue the sport that I love in a less stressful environment than D1.


You have walked in the Her Campus College Fashion Week for you first time in October! So cool. Tell us a little bit about this experience.

This was an amazing experience! I spent the day in the Santos Party House which is located in Downtown Manhattan. I had the privilege of having my hair and makeup done by Milani along with being dressed by Forever 21 and Sorel footwear. We modelled the clothing in front of tons of photographers, designers, writers and, of course, family. Everyone was so friendly and fashion forward. Many different sponsors came out to support like European Wax, Frank Body, Bumble and Bumble, Glamsquad and tons more. There were performances by upcoming R&B songstress, Teenear, Columbia’s male acapella group, SHARP, and several other music groups. We got free swag, saw amazing performances and had a ton of fall outfit inspiration. All models present in the show were college students, which made the looks extremely wearable to any age, color, size or shape. Since Her Campus is the No. 1 online global community for college women with over 290 chapters on campuses worldwide, I was beyond thankful to be chosen to partake in their annual event.


Do you hope to model someday as part of your career or did you just do it for fun?

I went in doing it for fun, but I would do it a hundred more times! I have always been interested in fashion and photography, so this experience was right up my alley. In the future, if I have an opportunity to do something similar, I would in a heartbeat.


Spring semester in Rome, I see! What classes will you be taking abroad?

Ah yes, I am beyond excited!! I am taking a good mix of classes that cover both my major and minor. However, I am also taking a religion course and an on-site course that allows me to immerse myself in the Itlaian culture and way of life. I’ll be sure to update you with pics!  


We can't wait! You also work in the Study Abroad office. What does your job entail? Do you think everyone should make an effort to study abroad?

I became so motivated to go abroad by working in the office. I have been working here for three years now and have learned about the majority of the programs Sacred Heart has to offer and believe everyone should go abroad! It is a once in a lifetime experience that allows you to become more independent and expand your horizons. In the office, I assist with paperwork/ filing, various errands, computer projects and partake in events that Global Affairs holds on campus.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

In the next five years, I see myself attending grad school in the New York City area or working within a school system studying human behavior and interaction in order to solve social problems affecting our society. I will still be playing tennis and hitting the gym, too...that’s for sure. But for now, you never know where my life will take me!