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Meet our lovely Spring Breakers, everyone! If you spent spring break in CT, we suggest you avoid scrolling down.

Jen Bauch: Bahamas

Amanda Crosby, Liz Vigilante, and Lindsey Merrick: Punta Cana

Jake Frechette and Julien Debelle Duplan: Cancun

Kiernan McGirl, Habitat for Humanity: Delaware 

Marykate Coakley: Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

Alyssa Ingmanson: Bahamas

Megan Marcucci, Habitat for Humanity: Delaware

Kelly Simpson, Habitat for Humanity: Delaware 

Sean Cahill and Maribel Paredes: Disney World


Have more submissions? Send them our way! Email omeliac@mail.sacredheart.edu 

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