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The Best Places to Eat Near SHU

It’s no secret that there are some amazing off-campus places to dine around Fairfield and Bridgeport.  Many spots have become famous within the SHU student body and are go-to’s when Linda’s or cooking yourself just gets old.  Whether you’re a regular at some of these spots, or are in need of some new reccomendations, here’s a really really long list of definitively best places to eat near SHU.

If you’re looking for somewhere quick & casual:

Best Edibles (on Madison Ave in Trumbull) for easy wraps and sandwiches, and SHU cards accepted!

Galaxy Diner (on Main Street in Bridgeport) or Andro’s Diner (on Villa Ave in Fairfield) for ultimate comfort food, classic diner-style.

Pronto (on Post Road in Fairfield) for the best salads, wraps, and pizza on-the-go. *try the casear salad or buffalo chicken pizza, seriously*

Flipside (on Post Road in Fairfield) for any type of burger you can imagine, and an extensive drink menu to go with it. 

Garden Catering (on Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield) for the self-proclaimed best chicken nuggets of your life.

Firehouse Deli (on Reef Road in Fairfield) for above-average wraps and sandwiches. 

Bagel King (locations in both Bridgeport and Fairfield) for bagel sandwiches that will literally save you from your hangover doom.

Mac N’ Out (on Beechmont Ave in Bridgeport) for mac-n-cheese with anything you can imagine baked in.

If you’re looking for pizza:

Pepe’s (on Commerce Drive in Fairfield) for the most underrated pizza in all of CT.

Colony (on Post Road in Fairfield) for the crowd favorite thin-crust pizza that is legendary throughout Fairfield. 

Molto (on Post Road in Fairfield) for mozzerella and wine.

Brick + Wood (on Post Road in Fairfield) for the best Margherita pizza, ever. 

If you’re looking for a Taco Tuesday spot:

Bartaco (on WIlton Road in Westport) for upscale tacos and drinks, with a patio view of the water.

Geronimo’s (on Post Road in Fairfield) for any type of tequila you can imagine accompanied by a southwest menu.

Taco Loco (on Fairfield Ave in Bridgeport) for the infamous pitcher of frozen margs, and burrito bowls too big for anyone to finish. 

If you’re looking to brunch:

Chip’s Family Restaurant (on the Tunxis Hill Cutoff in Fairfield) for the biggest menu of pancakes in the world, oh and all your hungover classmates two tables over.

Organika Kitchen (on Post Road in Southport) for the prettiest smoothie bowls that you see all over Instagram.

The Granola Bar (on Post Road in Westport) for a super basic, but amazing, latte and avocado toast.

Hole in the Wall (on Post Road in Fairfield) for an egg sandwich with anything you could ever want on it. 

If you’re looking to satisfy that sweet tooth:

Main Street Creamery (on Main Street in Bridgeport) for a late night scoop ~or three~ of ice cream.

Milkcraft (on Post Road in Fairfield) for the super trendy “bubble cone” and the most innovative flavor combinations around. 

Sixteen Handles (on Post Road in Fairfield) for the local fro-yo lovers.

Robex (on Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield) for those who are trying to be healthy or just prefer a fruit smoothie. 

Donut Crazy (on Fairfield Ave in Bridgeport) for the most insane, picture-worthy creations. 


Happy eating, SHU!

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