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The Best Place to Shop for Motivational Athletic Wear

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sacred Heart chapter.

Working out and living a healthy life are almost considered to be trendy these days. It is not always easy to get out of bed and head to the gym especially when you have a lengthy to-do list that needs to be checked off. Sometimes you would rather sleep in an extra hour before you absolutely HAVE to get up for class or finish writing a paper so you have one less thing to do at the end of the day, but one thing you will never regret is getting in a workout. One way to help motivate yourself is by having a stash of cute outfits that make you want to get your sweat on every day of the week! Gym Shark is an awesome website that has an amazing selection of coordinating pieces that are meant to go together and make you feel amazing. Here are a few of my favorite pieces that are the perfect motivation:

-Flex Leggings: These are a personal favorite. Usually my pick for leg day because they’re totally squat proof and the stitching accentuates your curves in all the right ways.


-Long Sleeve Ribbon Crop Top: This top goes perfectly with any pants or leggings you choose. The tie detail adds something different and is a great piece to wear to the gym but also can be worn as an athleisure top.

-Dreamy Leggings: These are the most comfortable leggings and the soft colors are something different to mix in with your usual black leggings and workout tops. They are high-waisted and work well for any type of workout.



-Raw Edge Crop Hoodie (coming Dec 20th): This new release is an addition to your workout wardrobe that is easy to throw on with any outfit and is easy to take off after a warm up or leave on for a lighter day.


-Sleek Sculpture Leggings: The sleek sculpture style has seams that help suck you in and show off the booty you’ve been working so hard on. This purple pair is

perfect for incorporating color into your life without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.


-Seamless Long Sleeve Crop Top: These tops also come in full length and the breathable fabric allows you to feel cool during your workout while also feeling covered and confident.


-Seamless Leggings/ Seamless Cross Back Sports Bra: Personally, I’m a huge fan of matching sets for the gym. The red is super fun and festive for this time of year, but can also be worn year round with different bottoms or layered under tops.


For workouts to do while wearing these cute sets, check out Whitney Simmons on YouTube for workouts suitable for all fitness levels. She has helped me achieve a lot of my fitness goals and I could not recommend her enough. Hopefully these outfits inspire you to go out and start working on your fitness!

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