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Becoming Your Own BFF!

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If alone constantly feels lonely, this is the article for you. “Alone” should bring a sense of
peace, comfort, and joy to your life– at least most of the time. Lots of us are blessed with loving
family and friends that fill our lives with love, but at the end of the day, we only really have
ourselves. We must learn how to become our own best friends to stop seeking outside
validation, and start living for ourselves. By getting to know ourselves on a deeper level, we
become more aligned with our needs, our feelings, and who we truly want to be. Think of all the
wonderful qualities your best friend has, or wish they had. Now, learn to become that for

Here are four easy ways to start becoming your OWN BFF:

  1. Learn who you are– how boring would it be if all of our friendships were the exact same?
    Understand that our uniqueness is what makes us special. Once you realize that you are
    the creator of your own life, that you hold the power– you will start embracing all of the
    things that make up your unique being. You are YOU and no one else has that, so don’t
    hold back here, accept your quirks and all!
  2. Take care of yourself– prioritize your nutrition and your physical health by nourishing
    your body with whole foods, drinking plenty of water, moving your body in ways that feel
    good to you and still allowing yourself to indulge when you feel it’s necessary. Always
    make sure to schedule enough sleep into your daily to-do lists. Honor your feelings and
    needs by setting boundaries.
  3. Keep your mind kind– you spend 100% of your time in your own head. All of your
    emotions, realizations, and feelings are either shared with others out loud, put onto
    paper or kept as a thought in your mind. You need to nurture your mind with kindness
    and love, and set yourself up for success. Shower yourself with kindness until you
    wholeheartedly believe everything you are saying.
  4. Go easy on yourself– acknowledge that you don’t and won’t ever know everything. You
    still have so much to learn, so be widely open to making mistakes and embrace the
    lessons they teach you. Know that you only ever do the best you can with the
    information you have at the time you make a decision. You don’t need to pity yourself to
    give yourself forgiveness, accept yourself as you are by giving yourself grace.
    Once you find love within yourself, you will never feel alone. Get ready for fulfillment,
    excitement, lots of goal setting and growth, and tons of fun. Your whole life will feel like a party.
    Most nights the only reason I’m excited to go to bed is so that I can get to wake up and do it all
    over again prayer hands emoji. And while that’s not always the case, even on the bad days,
    you will find that when you are your own BFF, have yourself to lean on… and that is still pretty
Emily Zizzadoro

Sacred Heart '22

Sacred Heart University, Class of 2022 College of Health Professions, Exercise Science Major/ Psychology Minor Chi Omega Fraternity, Recruitment Chair '21 & Director of Sisterhood '20 Host of The Uncensored Self Podcast