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I know what you’re thinking, how can a college freshmen have any idea of what she’s talking about? And the truth is I don’t have all the answers, but being at Sacred Heart University for a month has taught me more than I could have ever imagined. I’ve learned that SHU has the heaviest doors ever, 63’s food doesn’t quite taste like the food my mom puts on the table, Monday 8AMs are not the ideal time for math class, people fail to switch over their laundry at a timely matter, and so many other wonderful things that comes with being a college freshmen. But in all serious matters, I have also learned the most valuable and treasurable lessons by being a Sacred Heart student. 

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The immediate lesson I learned is that college is a huge adjustment, and it’s okay to feel a little “weird” during your transition. I remember the first night at SHU I could not fall asleep to save my life. My mind was filled with anxious, confused, and overall super ambivalent emotions. However, as time progressed both my body and my mind learned to adjust to this new environment. The whole time I was so paranoid about adjusting that I wouldn’t even allow myself to process what was actually going on. So, if I can give anyone advice when they are feeling this same way it would be to let yourself feel what you need to feel, but to not let it consume you! 

Another thing I learned in college is that no one is going to do anything for you, so go ahead and do it for yourself. This is a super broad statement and can be taken many different ways, so let me explain my perception of it. When you get to college you really are on your own. Your parents/family are not there to do your laundry, make you food, clean your space, remind you of important events, etc. It’s easy to fall through the cracks and let a bunch of assignments, chores, and friendships slip away from you. So, you have to be your own biggest advocate and cheerleader. Sometimes emailing that professor for extra help, or texting that girl in your class for lunch can go a super long way. So even though it can be super overwhelming, especially while still trying to adjust, give everything your best effort and all will fall into place! 

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Overall, the most important piece of advice I can give freshmen from a fellow freshmen is to be yourself. There are so many people out there who are dying to meet a person like you. So put yourself out there and don’t stress over the little things that may come your way. You are in control of your future and success, so give it your all and do your best. You’re not going to succeed the first try at everything you do, so don’t be so hard on yourself and enjoy all the moments that come your way!  

Isabella Costanza

Sacred Heart '24

My name is Isabella Costanza and I am a student Sacred Heart University, Class of 2024. My hometown is Livingston, New Jersey. I also am a sister of Chi Omega at Sacred Heart University. I have an older sister and a dog who is a cockapoo! My favorite things to do is exercise (I love my Peloton bike), go shopping, grab coffee, travel (my favorite place to travel to is Hawaii), and spend time with family and friends!
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