Advice Every College Freshman Girl Needs to Read

You’re no longer a high-schooler and you’re now onto your badass years living freely with the ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want... well, for the most part. No more answering to Mom & Dad about where you’re going, who you’re going with, and when you’ll be back. But just when you think you’ve got it all figured out – you may feel a little lost. It’s okay to ask for help. Before you do – here’s a little bit of advice all Freshman Girls may need in their first year of college.


Let’s be real ladies, these problems are the ones that drive us the craziest out of them all. Will we ever understand guys? No, probably not. But I can advise you that if you are having any sort of issue with your man, put the phone down and give it some time. Do not go double, or shall I say triple, texting him. Give it a few hours, and I’m sure with a clearer mindset you may feel a little bit different about the situation than you do right now. Remember, these boys aren’t the end-all-be-all of college. There are so many other things that are important during these four years including your girl friends, grades, and focusing on become the best version of yourself.


New friends

Some of your closest friends now, may not be your BFFs in a few years, but that’s okay. You’ll always keep your memories with them close to you. Sometimes people change – that’s just a part of life.



Controllllll the liquor ladies. Yes, you may have a few rough nights – it happens to us all. Your friends will be there to take care of you when the time comes, but for the love of the Lord, let’s learn our limits. You don’t want to be the one who couldn’t make it out after the pregame.


Bffs from home

You and your best friends from home have a bond like no other. They’re the closet thing you may have to call a sister. You may miss them when they’re away at school, but once you reunite for Thanksgiving or any other holiday, it will be like you never left at all. It may feel difficult to leave your comfort zone, but it is important to make an effort to branch out and meet knew people. You will always share a special friendship with your bffs from home that no other friendship could ever replace. Remember that. Shout-out to my gals at home – you know who you are.



It is completely normal and okay to feel homesick at times. You’re away from everything you’ve known for the past eighteen or so years. Home is always only one call or text away. Call your friends and family, tell them how you’re feeling. Maybe plan a trip to visit a friend at their school, or have a loved one come visit for a meal. Sometimes all you need is to hear a certain someone’s voice. Home will always be there.



If you go to a small school, like ours – just keep in mind, word travels fast. stay classy, never trashy. ~take this bit of advice, however you please :) ~


Get involved

You’ve probably heard it a million times, but it is extremely important to get involved on campus right away. Adding these activities to your list of involvement on campus is a great resume booster when the time comes for applying to internships and jobs! It comes faster than you think, so don’t waste time. Even if you’re only a little bit interested in joining a certain club or activity – go for it. You never know what you’ll get out of it. Make sure to join the best club on campus ~HerCampus~ !!


Go Greek

I may be little bit biased in saying this, being that I’m in a sorority myself, however, I definitely suggest going Greek even if you are still unsure – RUSH. You can always drop if you truly decide it isn’t for you. You could meet your best friends who will become your bridesmaids, make strong occupational connections, become more involved on campus & in your community, have plenty of leadership opportunities, and learn more about yourself than you ever imagined. You won’t regret it.

(click the link listed here if you would like to sign up for recruitment at Sacred Heart à )


Kill 'em with kindness

This is a bit of advice that my Mom has always given to me growing up: be the bigger person. Going to college presents you with so many different types of people and sometimes conflicting personalities. People may get you down at times, but remember to not stoop down their level. It’s difficult, but you’re better than that. You’re too beautiful of a woman – inside & out. Don’t give anyone the opportunity to ever say otherwise.


Hopefully these pieces of advice can lead you in the right direction when you may need some guidance, or give you some insight on some of the things you may need to know to have a successful and lit first year of college.

Most of all, just remember to have fun & stay true to yourself. These four years fly by, enjoy every minute of it.