8 Small Victories that Every College Student is Proud of Themselves For

Being a college student is, if I'm being frank, hard. At the start of freshman year, we are thrown into a world where we are responsible for ourselves, after years of being told we weren't old enough to decide anything; and to top it all off, there are way too many responsibilities to deal with. I guess you could call it growing up. But I call it torture. But hey, there are still some small ~wins~ that make our days a little better. They make us proud of ourselves and the fact that we're doing just fine on our own. Here are a few.


1. Not snoozing your alarm

Now, I know I'm not the only person who purposely sets multiple alarms for the morning, and I definitely know I'm not the only one who sleeps through all of them. So, when you wake up on that first try, it's always a proud moment. 


2. Trading in your sweatpants for the day

Because this is how we all feel when we decide to look put together for the day. Definitely a proud moment, especially when you strut down the hallway because you know you look good. 


3. Overcoming unhealthy cravings

It is always a proud moment after you choose a healthy snack, even if it's a head of broccoli. 


4. Doing your laundry before you run out of socks 

There's nothing worse than going to get socks and realizing you have none. So, when you unintentionally do your laundry before you are sock-less or your laundry basket starts over flowing, it's a proud day; and it's the little wins in life that make you smile.


5. Cooking a nice meal without burning the place down  

You have successfully cooked yourself a nice dinner and didn't set off a fire alarm? Round of applause for you! 


6. ONLY having one cup of coffee throughout the whole day 

It must have been one GIANT cup if you are still thriving! Definitely a moment to be proud of! 


 Successfully cramming in that paper due at 11:59 pm with minutes to spare

I must say, this is the best proud moment in my book. There is no better feeling than rushing to finish a paper, and finishing with minutes to spare, and a good pat on the back for a job well crammed. 


8. Surviving another day 

Congrats on surviving another day in this crazy place called college!!