7 Ways to Be ~Extra~ on Saint Patrick's Day

Once you get to college, Saint Patrick’s Day becomes one of the greatest days of the year. There are parades, all sorts of green colored drinks, and best of all, it's an excuse to have a great time with your friends. For those of you looking to go the extra mile this year and amp up your Saint Paddy’s Day game, here are a few ways to be “extra” for the holiday.


1. Buy obnoxious green accessories. It doesn’t matter what they are, as long as they're green.


2. Attempt an Irish accent…and fail miserably.


3. Whenever someone says “kiss me, I’m Irish”, take them up on it!


4. Pinch anyone not wearing green. Everyone around you must be forced to get into the spirit of the holiday. No exceptions.


5. Make sure to shout out “Sláinte” (pronounced slawn-cha) every time someone takes a shot. It’s common Irish courtesy.


6. If given enough room, do the leprechaun heel click any time you can.


7. Most importantly, don't let anyone dull your Saint Paddy’s Day spirit.

Follow these simple suggestions, and your Saint Patrick’s Day is sure to be that much better. Sláinte, my friends!