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7 Dorm-Friendly Fall Treats

by Julia Pizzuto


Fall means time for spooky movies and plenty of fall-themed comfort food. College cooking makes traditional fall treats difficult, between a tight budget and limited access to regular tools. Luckily, we have Pinterest! Whether you’re stuck in a dorm or living off campus and the rent is due, check out this list of college-friendly Pinterest recipes next time you’re craving a fall snack.


Warning: This article may cause hunger.


1. This indulgent pumpkin-spiced fudge.


Okay, I know pumpkin spice is a controversial topic. Maybe these little squares of fall will change your mind?



2. You wanted a way to eat pumpkin for breakfast? Here it is – Pumpkin oatmeal.

This one can be made either in the microwave or stove top! Try making it in a mug at college, then impressing your family with your cooking skills at home with the stove-top version.



3. Looking for a way to warm your hands after pumpkin picking? Try this pumpkin hot chocolate!

A perfect caffeine-free alternative to a PSL that will save you from spending $5 on a café drink.



4. This super simple way to put those apples you picked to good use.

Let’s be honest, were you really going to eat them all, or did you just go apple picking for the fall insta pics? (No shame). All you need for this recipe is a apples, cinnamon, sugar, butter, and a microwave. Ta-da.



5. Or step it up a notch with this apple crisp in a mug.


Plus it’s a great excuse to add in some ice cream.



6. Want pumpkin pie without the hassle? Put it in a mug!

If you can’t tell by now, I’m a huge fan of all things in a mug. Especially something as complicated as pumpkin pie simplified down to just 7 ingredients!



7. Last but not least, THESE BAD BOYS.

You know them. You love them. All the work is done for you except popping them in the oven and staring through the door as they bake.


Happy Fall, get cooking!

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