7 Annoying Things About Having a Sister that Prepare You for Life

Ask any big sister, and they’ll tell you the same things about being the guinea pig, the test monkey, watching their sister get away with what would have gotten them grounded for a year, being the parent of a kid you never signed up for. I am not here to tell you that being an older sister is not the biggest pain in the butt - because that is 100% true - but it also is the best thing that ever could have happened to me. Growing up with a little sister prepared me for so much of life, including the parts that make you want to tear your hair out (what’s left of it, after tearing it out over her for years).  

1. They Copy Everything You Do. 

Growing up it felt like every time I wanted to do something new, my sister was trailing behind me - with the same hairstyle. Of course, I never believed my mom when she insisted it was because she thought I was cool. But as you get into college and push yourself outside your comfort zone, you get to look back and recognize that you deserve to be more confident than you are. Even if you end up looking silly, at least your sister still thinks you’re awesome.   

2. They Steal All Your Stuff

The thing about TV is that it makes you think your little sister won’t steal your clothes (and sunglasses, and earrings, and car) until you go away to college. Then suddenly you get to high school and somehow she is wearing your jacket in the hallway even though you drove her to school that morning - because as a moody 17 year old girl you had to get a moody 16 year old girl to school on time. But you became a fantastic sharer, which was step one to learning to live in a box of a dorm room.  

3. They Tell on You for Everything

And you get in trouble. Even when it is so not your fault. But a lot of the time you really were a jerk, and you learn how to own up to it. Accountability is something I learned really goes a long way in the real world since going away to college, and I learned it first when my sister would broadcast my every mistake to the world.   

4. But then expect you to keep their secrets??

Listen, you told on us for years and now you want us to lie for you? Yeah, sure.  Have fun, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.  Watching out for your sister turns you into the mom friend. You know when to have fun, but you also learn where to draw the line to make sure they stay safe. 

5. They Don’t Hold Back When it Comes to Pointing out Your Flaws. 

If nothing else, your little sister will teach you to be humble. Also, this did save me from going to school with one of those feather extensions in my hair in 6th grade so maybe I should be extra thankful.   

6. Things Can Get Pretty Over Dramatic Between You

You get left alone for 10 minutes and suddenly your sister has gone ballistic over you taking the last pack of fruit snacks. Most of the biggest arguments you ever had with your sister were over absolutely nothing. But you got pretty dang good at standing up for what you think is right, which will really come in handy when you actually get into a real adult disagreement.

7. They Never Leave You Alone

For every single time you wished you were an only child when you were younger, you realize as soon as you go more than a week without sleeping under the same roof that you were pretty lucky to have a crazy little sister. Being attached at the hip goes from a pain to having someone you know you can rely on no matter what. They know every tiny detail about you from following you around all those years, making them the best person to turn to for a free therapist, someone to share new music with to belt out in the car, or someone to drag to get coffee and see the sunrise - and you never feel bad for annoying them because hey, they annoyed us our whole life and we still love them more than we can ever explain.  

Happy 19th birthday to my sister, miss you every day kid xo