The 6 Thoughts Everyone Has During Syllabus Week

Everyone knows that college can be stressful when it comes to classes. That is why Syllabus Week is such a blessing. It lets you ease into that stress in a whole week filled with low-key classes that get out early and are overall quite fun. Here are a few things everyone thinks about during this time.

​1. Didn’t I just have finals?

In other words, how did winter break go by so fast and what am I doing back here? The stress of the semester ahead is already looming over everyone.

2. Did I even sign up for this class?

How I ended up in an Intro to Bioethics class as a marketing major is what I really want to know.

3. At what point is it acceptable to start taking shots?

As this is no ordinary week, I assume it is acceptable to show up to class hung-over… right?

4. This teacher better be happy I even showed up.

Getting out of bed after 3 consecutive nights out is a real struggle, just be happy I made it…please?

5. I won’t be in this class much longer.

Three 7 paged papers, 10 tests, 20 quizzes, and I have to somehow solve world hunger? Heading to the registrar’s office to drop out of this class immediately.

6. Thank the Lord I’m back!

Hanging with my homies and doing all the fun stuff we haven’t in a while never fails to prepare me for the long semester ahead.

Stay focused this semester but remember to still have fun after Syllabus Week is over - you only have 4 years here at college after all!