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6 Things That Are Only A Big Deal In College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sacred Heart chapter.

College is filled with a lot of trivial problems.  Looking back, so many of them won’t matter after graduation so try not to sweat the small stuff!  College lifestyle can be consuming, but remember that it isn’t everything in the grand scheme of it all.  Here are some of the problems that we all experience and care way too much about:


1. Staying in on a Saturday night.

When you’re an underclassman, it’s easy to think that every single weekend night you need to go out with everyone else on your floor, or else you’ll lay in your twin sized bunk bed riddled with FOMO.  But sometimes, a night in by yourself is necessary for your sanity. 

2. Failing a quiz.

In the moment, it’s easy to beat yourself up about a bad grade on an assignment.  But if you don’t get at least one bad grade in college, you’re just not human.

3. Splurging on experiences.

Just because you’re a broke college student doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself every once in a while and go out to dinner.  Take the hit to your bank account, and make memories with your friends.

4. Feeling homesick.

It can be consuming.  But push through, because things will get better and the friends you make at school will become your second family!  After the four years are over, you won’t want to leave.

5. Frat boys not texting you back.

You will quickly realize that you’re too good for them, anyway. 

6. Having roommate problems or losing friends.

College is a time of learning who you are as a person and changing.  Just because you drift apart from someone or have your differences, doesn’t make either of you a bad person.

Put it all into perspective when you’re getting stressed out!  The little issues won’t matter in retrospect, so be nice to yourself.





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Laura Lampert

Sacred Heart

Laura is a Communications Studies major with a concentration in Digital Marketing/PR.  Campus Correspondent at Sacred Heart, overly-involved, and always five minutes late with an iced coffee.