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6 Signs You’re too Obsessed With Christmas

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and that means it’s officially time for Christmas! If you’re anything like me, Christmas is your absolute favorite holiday, and you are in your element once December 1st hits. Here are a few signs that you might be obsessed with Christmas!


You decorate EVERYTHING

Lights, tinsel, fake snow, and glitter… these are a few of my favorite things! Whether it’s the front of your house, the frame of your mirror, or even the towels in your kitchen, you make literally everything Christmas themed. I mean, doesn’t everything look better in red, green, and glitter?

You make your parents wait to decorate the tree

If your parents don’t wait for you to decorate the Christmas tree, it’s basically World War III. Whether it’s during Thanksgiving break, or you make a trip home for the weekend, decorating your tree with your family is an absolute necessity. Despite having your own mini one in your bedroom, of course.


You go overboard with gift shopping

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are major holidays in my book. That’s when you get gifts for your parents, siblings, grandparents, boyfriend, friends, aunts and uncles, cousins, neighbors, pets, your neighbor’s pets… you get the point. Gift shopping for everyone you have ever had a conversation with is actually your favorite thing, and you nail it every time. The face someone makes all the money you spent totally worth it.


You binge 25 Days of Christmas

25 Days of Christmas on ABC family (I refuse to call it Freeform) is actually one of the best parts of Christmas. What other holiday literally has movies playing nonstop on a channel for a whole month? On top of that, Christmas movies are actually some of the best movies. Whether it’s Elf, The Polar Express, The Santa Clause, Eloise at Christmastime, or even the Grinch, there is always a Christmas movie for someone.

Here’s a link to all the movies and times during 25 Days of Christmas (p.s. Elf is playing 20 times so you can’t miss it)! 



You consume copious amounts of hot chocolate and candy canes

I mean, what else do you eat or drink when you’re binging Christmas movies? During the month of December, I consume at least one cup of hot chocolate a day (my favorite is with marshmallows, extra whipped cream, and a candy cane inside). Not having at least 10 cups of hot chocolate in December is a sin that should never be broken. Even if you’re in a rush and have to settle for Swiss Miss and hot water, it’s still amazing.


You strive to build the perfect gingerbread house

Building gingerbread houses is one of the most overlooked and underdone parts of Christmas. I mean… what’s not to love about building and decorating an adorable edible house? It’s really fun when you compete against others and see who can build and decorate the best house, but nonetheless, the house is always partially eaten right after you get the perfect picture of it.

Whether you’re as Christmas obsessed as I am, or just enjoy the holiday as it is, I hope you can relate to some of my Christmas antics! Merry Christmas!

Brooke McCarthy

Sacred Heart '19

Brooke McCarthy '19 History Major Future Teacher  
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