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5 Ways to Elevate your Cold Weather Wardrobe

Everyone reaches a point during the winter season where we find ourselves posting summer throwbacks and dreaming of wearing those cute summer outfits again. However, just because the temperature is dropping doesn’t mean our ensembles have to go down with it.  Here are 5 simple elements you can add to an outfit to brave the cold in style and feel good about it!  

1. Fluffy coat

It seems like everyone’s favorite winter staple is the infamous fluffy coat, and rightfully so. This jacket is amazing for two reasons: it is irresistibly cute and makes your outfit insanely comfortable. Pair this jacket with just about anything and it will elevate your look and make coziest statement yet.  


2. Double Pom beanie  

These cute double pom beanies are the most adorable way to make a statement and stay warm at the same time. Pair it with your fluffy coat for extra teddy bear vibes or rock it alone. Either way, you will be wondering how you ever wore a beanie with a single pom on it before.  


3. Vintage starter jackets

Vintage starter jackets are one of my favorite cold weather statement pieces. Throw one of these on and you will add instant 90s throwback vibes to your outfit. I have had tons of luck finding these jackets at both vintage sports stores and on Etsy. For bonus points, look for starter jackets with your favorite sports team’s logo on them so you can rep your team all winter long!  


4. Colorful scarf  

Although the skies are dreary, that doesn’t mean our color scheme has to be! A colorful scarf is a great addition to a basic winter outfit that gives a fun pop of color to make things exciting. Bonus points for adding warmth!



5. Metallic puffer  

Why look like you’re stepping out into the cold when you could look like you’re stepping into outer space? Incorporating a metallic jacket into any ensemble adds a cool streetwear element without risking it in the cold temperatures. Just pair it with some space boots and you’re ready for lift off!



Shannon Sweeney

Sacred Heart

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