5 Fun Facts About St. Patrick’s Day

It’s that time of year again where everyone is Irish for the day. St. Patrick’s Day is a well celebrated holiday and is loved by all. Each year, there are so many parades and festivities all around the globe. However, with all of this celebration, what is the holiday about? Here are five fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day:


1. Green was not the original color for this day


St. Patrick actually imagined the main color to be a light shade of blue. They called is “Saint Patrick’s blue”. The only reason that the color is green is because the holiday is associated with Irish Independence. Imagine wearing blue instead of green!


2. Saint Patrick was British


Ironically, Saint Patrick himself isn’t even Irish. He was Christian and raised Roman. He brought Christianity to Ireland and so the holiday is associated with the Irish culture.


3. This was originally a dry and religious holiday


In the beginning 20th century, this was a very religious holiday and pubs were closed. Of course, very different that how it is now. Over time, it changed and was seen as a celebration in all Irish areas and worldwide. Now, it is a worldwide celebration, as well-known, and celebrated with a lot of drinking and going to Irish pubs.


4. Reasoning behind Shamrocks


The reasoning behind the Shamrocks is from an Irish legend. The three-leaf Shamrock was a metaphor for the Holy Trinity, which is pretty neat. So, when wearing the Shamrocks, it is considered lucky and still brings the original religion association.


5. There are only male Leprechauns


Apparently, there are only male leprechauns. I found it interesting because I never paid attention to that aspect. But, if you look around in the decorations, there are only males.


So, this weekend when you go celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, think of these facts! It is always interesting to know the reasoning behind holidays because it makes them more interesting and a more of a reason to celebrate. Have a safe weekend!