4 Ways to Stay Positive When You're Feeling Down

We all have those days when life just seems to overwhelm us and we find ourselves struggling to stay positive while drowning in an ocean of pressures, responsibilities and commitments that come along with being human. And no, Hannah Montana, we can’t just throw our cares up in the air and hope they don’t come down… (Forgive me, but if you didn’t get the reference, it’s you who should be sorry)

It’s easier said than done to stay strong and push through the rough days when you just want to stay in bed and avoid everything and everyone. I’m no therapist but here are a couple of things I personally do to keep my spirits up when I’m feeling down.


Yup, plain and simple. Amid growing up and trying to survive in this crazy world, we don’t even realize how hard we are on ourselves a lot of the time. During the thick of our bad days, it really helps to slide into the backseat and take a breather. It just allows you to spend time to reflect and come back with a fresher mindset to tackle all your problems the best you can.

2. Engage in a de-stressing activity

Whether your go-to activity consists of just lying in bed and catching up on Netflix, dropping some $$$ on much-needed retail therapy, killing it at the gym or even just going outside for a walk to clear your head, getting into a stress-free zone does wonders to ease your mind, even if it’s just temporarily.

3. Call a friend

While you may find “alone time” to be essential when you’re down in the dumps, at the end of the day, we all need somebody to lean on. When you feel like you’re about to fall apart, pick up the phone and call your mom, BFF, S.O. or just anyone you know you feel comfortable venting to for hours. Sometimes we just need to let it all out to feel better and it’s nice to have someone in your corner who can assure you that no matter how bad it is, it’s not the end of the world.

4. Be thankful

It may appear like the last thing you’d possibly want to do but just taking a couple of seconds to be grateful for the life that you have can really change your perspective on your current situation. You know how people always say stuff like “Oh, you’re going to look back on this moment one day and not even remember why it was such a big deal”? If that’s the case, imagine if you just directed all that negative energy towards positive thoughts of being thankful and content instead.

I can’t promise you that these tips are going to do a 180 turn on your mood but I hope they help, even if it’s in a small way. Here’s sending you good vibes and several extra doses of positivity!