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4 Outfit Ideas For This In-between Weather


You may be able to put away your heavy sweaters and snow boots, but don’t put away everything just yet! The past few weeks, (at least in Connecticut) have been warm during the day, but cooler at night, which makes getting dressed and finding the right outfit a STRUGGLE.


It’s that time of year where if you wear shorts and short sleeves in the morning, you’ll be freezing when the sun goes down.

So, here are 4 outfit ideas for this in-between weather (& some in-text links to some of my current favorite items).

1. Casual Class Day


Grab your favorite short sleeve, a pair of long skinny jeans, a sweatshirt & vans.


CUFF THOSE JEANS! Roll up the bottoms of the jeans to make them into capris. This way, you will still fit-in with that ‘spring’ style vibe, but when it cools down at night, you can uncuff them.


For the short sleeve, choose a material that is lightweight and a solid color. H&M has some great, affordable options.


As for the sweatshirt, it can be anything that is comfy and easy to throw on. Just carry it with you throughout the day.



2. Cute but Comfy


T-Shirt or Shift Dress, cardigan, and slides/sneakers. This outfit is perfect for when you want to look like you put effort in, but also want to remain comfy.


The T-shirt dress is perfect for when it’s warm during the day, but having a cardigan, makes it easy to adjust to any temperature. Sneakers or slides are comfy, yet add a cute touch.

3. Friday Night Out


Layers,Layers,Layers! I recently went out to dinner with friends and we ended up being seated outside. Although it was nice when the sun was out, when the sun went down it got real cold, real quick. This outfit is perfect for going out to a nice dinner with friends


I recommend pairing a cute tank top, white jeans, a stylish jacket and wedges. When you first arrive, you may not want your jacket, but by the end of the night you sure will. White jeans are a spring essential, and they pair really well with a darker jacket.

4. Breezy Business Casual


This in-between seasons outfit is perfect for interviews, presentations or whenever you need to look like you have your life together.


Cropped dress pants, light blouse, blazer and flats. This outfit is spring-approved because with the top behind light, you won’t get overheated, but you also won’t be showing much skin. The blazer is great addition for the evening, or even for when the AC kicks on. As for the cropped dress pants, they are spring-staple for me. The cropped style gives a more spring vibe, but also give a professional looked. For the flats, I recommend going for a fun pattern to add your own touch to the outfit.


Annie May

Sacred Heart '20

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