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3 Easy College Snacks You Didn’t Know You Wanted

If you’re like me and live in a dorm with no kitchen, but love to cook, you get pretty creative. I’ve come up with some interesting recipes during my time at college. And even when you’re bored, and just want a snack, but something to do, there’s so many easy snacks you could make that will cure your boredom and be tasty too. 

  1. This isn’t anything complicated, it’s just a more fun way to enjoy popcorn instead of just putting one of those bags in the microwave. There’s so many cheap options for microwavable popcorn poppers that you can find on Amazon. All you have to do is pour the kernels in and it will pop! There’s so much you could do with the popcorn because it won’t be already seasoned like the ones that come in the bags. You could have fun with it! If you want the traditional buttery, salty movie popcorn, melt some (real) butter in the microwave and sprinkle some salt. Or if you want to get interesting, and have a sweet snack, you could melt some chocolate in the microwave and drizzle it over the popcorn, and even add other toppings like sprinkles, pretzels, or nuts. When I think of popcorn it sounds pretty basic, but there’s actually so much you could do with it, to satisfy any sweet or savory craving!
  1. This second snack is something that can be made with any type of cracker you want. All you need are crackers, a tiny amount of butter, and seasoning of choice. My favorite for this snack is using Ritz Crackers, with some melted butter, red pepper, and ranch seasoning (from the packet). They’re so tasty, buttery, and a little bit spicy. There’s so many other seasoning options you could go with too, you could change it up every time you have crackers!
  2. The third snack is probably the easiest out of the three of them. It’s chocolate covered fruit. My favorite way to do this is to just microwave milk chocolate and cut up an orange and dip it in the chocolate, and then top with either sugar or sprinkles. It’s so easy, and it’s so tasty. It adds some fun to just eating plain fruit.
Amanda Palma

Sacred Heart '24

Hi, I'm Amanda and I'm from New York! I'm a graphic design major at Sacred Heart University with digital marketing and honors minors. I love art, cooking & baking, and cake decorating!
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