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1.     You realize that finals start in one week

2. And that you haven’t actually been in class for the past week

3. So you’re determined to study


4. But when you get home you’re like:


5. You figure you’ll take a nap to rejuvenate and prepare yourself


6. But then you wake up the next morning like…


7. And you still don’t know anything


8. You call up your friends hoping that they can provide some motivational support


9. And after you hear what they have to say, you’re ready to really study


10. You actually begin studying


11. But you’re easily distracted and everything becomes more fun than studying


12. And you don’t understand the material anyway


13.  So why not go back to sleep?

14. You wake up again with a newfound motivation to study and actually get stuff done


15.  Then with one day left, you stop studying because you can’t handle anything else


16. Or simply just because you just don’t care anymore

17. You go to your first final exam, prepared to pass


18. But you get to the test, and go blank


19. After two hours, you finally finish and you’re feeling like:

20. But you are also so relieved that it’s over, so you’re like:


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Victoria Caputo

Sacred Heart

Victoria Caputo is a junior at Sacred Heart University. She is an English Major with a double minor in Creative Writing and Graphic Design studying as a graduate student in the Elementary Education program. She is a co-chair of Relay for Life, the founder and President of To Write Love on Her Arms, and the newly appointed Treasurer of SHU's Her Campus Chapter!
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