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16 Signs You’re a Long Islander at SHU

If you’re from Long Island, you completely understand…


1.     People ask you to imitate the Long Island Medium, but that’s how you actually talk.


2.     You can be seen taking the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson ferry when going home.


3.     You can’t eat a bagel or a slice of pizza from Connecticut without commenting “The pizza and bagels on Long Island are so much better.”


4.     You feel an instant connection when you meet someone else from Long Island.


5.     …but, let’s be real. That’s more than half the school.


6.     You get major Long Island withdrawals more often than you would like to admit, especially when thinking about our amazing beaches.


7.     You tell people you’re from Long Island, and they assume you’re best friends with Billy Joel, Scott Disick, and Lindsay Lohan.


8.    Non-Long Islanders always ask you to pronounce words like “dog” and “coffee.”


9.     When you tell people you live in either Patchogue, Ronkonkoma, Cutchogue or Hauppauge, they assume you are a part of a Native American tribe.


10.  You wonder how Connecticut can survive without a diner, two gas stations, four delis and a pizzeria on every street.



11.  Non-Long Islanders at SHU just don’t understand the glory that is Jones Beach Theatre.


12.  You realize that no one else on campus walks and talks at the same lightning speed as you do.


13.  You grew up either playing lacrosse, soccer, basketball or all three.


14.  Because a lot of SHU students are Red Sox fans, you feel a constant need to acknowledge the fact that the Mets are going to the World Series. 


15.  Your ears start to bleed when people say “I need to get in line” instead of “I need to get on line.”


16.  You couldn’t imagine growing up anywhere else, and you will continue to proudly represent your island at SHU.

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Cathryn Spears

Sacred Heart

Cathryn is a nursing student at Sacred Heart University. Originally from Long Island, she came to SHU because of its outstanding reputation and friendly environment. She loves to travel and has been to 30 countries. When Cathryn is not studying or panicking about her nursing classes, you can find her practicing yoga, volunteering, telling corny jokes, or eating pizza.
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