15 Times "Shameless" Accurately Represented College Life

The only thing harder than putting down a pint of Ben & Jerry’s is stopping yourself from binge watching an entire season of Shameless in one day. This bizarre and messed-up, but extremely addictive show has taken over Netflix like no other. Whether you’re drooling over Lip, wishing you could be as reckless as Carl, as cute and innocent as Liam, as ballsy as Fiona, as motivated as Debbie, or have a tolerance as high as Frank’s, these characters are constantly describing the humorous lives we live as college students. We find ourselves relating to the Gallaghers more than we ever thought possible. Here are 15 times Shameless has accurately described our lives as college students: 

1. Checking your grade for the exam you thought you aced, only to find out you got a 52%:


2. When you go out on a Tuesday night and get back at three in the morning, yet somehow still make it to your 8am class the next day:


3. When you and your roommates finally find each other halfway through the party, come up with a game plan, and then disperse to conquer the rest of the night:


4. When it’s the sixth week of class and some kid takes your unassigned, assigned seat:


5. When that super hot frat guy finally tells your roommate he’s into her, but never calls her back:


6. When you see couples all lovey-dovey in the hallway, and you’re single af:


7. When you and your friend are talking in class and the Professor calls on you to answer a question, but you still get it right:


8. Waiting in line for the bathroom at the party and the girl behind you showers you in compliments, making you feel like Beyoncé. #newBFFs:


9. Waking up on Sunday morning and checking the fridge like:


10. Looking at your bank account after a weekend out like:


11. When you finally drag yourself out of bed on Sunday morning for a BEC, only to have the families touring campus stare you down, judging you hardcore: 


12. When some girl at the party thinks banging on the bathroom door will make you hurry up:


13. College girls dancing on elevated surfaces like:


14. When your parents ask you about your midterm grades:


15. Finally making it through another semester like:


A big thanks to Shameless for validating how messed up, yet comical our lives can be during these four years!