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15 Things You Thought Were Good Ideas

1. Waiting to put on your makeup until after a few drinks.


2. Having a shower beer.



3. Attempting power hour ends up like this…



4. Drinking wine and doing homework at the same time.



5. Hooking up with your best guy friend.



6. Bringing your credit card to the bar and the next morning ends up like this…



7. Leaving your 10 page paper for the night before.



8. Going to the dining hall and swearing you’re going to eat healthy.



9. Hitting snooze 3 times this morning.



10. Making your own jungle juice.



 11. Entering the dance contest up on stage at the club.



12. Being too lazy to take off your makeup after a night out. The next morning you’re like…



13. Picking a fight with someone but you’re too drunk to make a good argument.



14. Secretly trying to master the twerk.



15. Buying a super high stiletto because it looks cute.


Taylor Lane is a senior in the Sacred Heart University school of education. She majors in English and is a section editor for the school newspaper, Spectrum. She is a captain on the Division I Softball team. Taylor aspires to be a special education teacher and spends her free time volunteering in programs for people with special needs.
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