The 13 Stages of Waiting For Fetty Wap

Sacred Heart University bombards us with countless emails throughout the day. One email though broke the mold, and caught our attention in our inboxes. What email had the power to catch the attention of busy college students? The announcement from Student Activities about FETTY WAP TICKET TIMES. Many, including myself, were eager for tickets to see Fetty. We could all smell the thrill of excitement…so many thoughts running through our minds. What will it take to get those tickets that will bring our dreams into a reality?

1. You decide to set a billion alarms in order to force yourself out of bed because who would want to miss out on the experience of seeing Fetty Wap?

2. You think by getting up early you’re the only one - nope try again! Day one of sales, and there is a line wrapping around the corner of Outtakes, and it’s only 8 AM.

3. You realize you will do whatever it takes to get tickets to see Fetty. This, my friend, is some true dedication.

4. You know the struggle is real when you’re willing to wait in line for more than an hour, maybe two, and don’t even think twice about losing your prime spot to get a quick bite at 63’s or Linda's. Who needs food anyways?

5. You debate if it’s worth missing class, or clearing whatever plans you originally had. At this point, you could care less about what you look like. The only thing getting you through this line is the fact that Fetty tickets are awaiting your purchase.

6. Suddenly, the time has come you’ve beat the rushed crowds. Now the line starts to move and you are suddenly feeling your legs again.

7. You never thought this moment would happen. You’re so tired, but now all the energy and excitement of Fetty is coming back to you. Boo-yah. 

8. Now that you have your ticket, you can’t help but wonder how did Sacred Heart manage to get Fetty to come to Bridgeport? But who cares. You have gotten yourself a ticket! Too bad the guests sold out in, like, 20 minutes…

9. You can now brag to all your non-SHU peeps that Fetty is coming. Almost anyone will be begging at your feet to get the chance to see him perform live.

10. Every time you hear Fetty on Pandora or while you’re scrolling through your music shuffle, you scream with joy and drop everything you’re doing. All to belt out the lyrics to “Trap Queen.”

11. You and your friends are already planning your outfits and Insta captions. Is “she my trap queen,” too basic?

12. Whenever the name Fetty is mentioned the excitement is relived! In less than two months from now, you will be walking up the stairs to the Pitt leading to the perfect night with your fellow Pioneers.

13. Last but not least, one can only imagine how Fetty will make his grand entrance. What song will he perform first? Will he give SHU a shout out? Will he make me his Trap Queen? Fetty, we’re ready for you.