12 Reasons why Dogs are a Perfect Best Friend

Dogs are amazing animals; they are sweet, loving and protective. I have a four-year-old

toy Cavachon named Tulip whom I love with my whole heart. Tulip is the best thing that

has ever happened to my family and I can’t imagine a world without my pup.


Here’s my 12 reasons why dogs are just simply the best:


1. Dogs show so much love to their owners! I could leave for five minutes, come

back home, and Tulip acts like she has not seen me in a decade.

2. Dogs can sense when you are having a rough day and they try to help you get

through it. Whenever I’m home and I am having bad day Tulip curls up next to

me and cuddles with me on the couch.

3. Having a dog forces you to workout. I am constantly chasing Tulip around the

house playing with her and taking her on nice long walks around the


4. There are studies that show that having a dog can help a child learn responsibility

and empathy.

5. Dogs could be Olympic Athletes. The height that Tulip can reach when she jumps

is crazy; she could beat the Olympic high jump record.


6. Dogs help distress us. One of the best things is going home after midterms and

finals to Tulip and a sense of calmness overcomes me.

7. Dogs help people recover from traumatic events.


8. Dogs help people cope with their illnesses. My grandpa passed away from

Alzheimer’s and during his last few days, my grandparents dog, Paris, would just

lay in bed with my grandpa.


9. People with dogs have higher survival rates after suffering from a heart attack.


10. Children with dogs tend to have fewer absences during the school year.

11. Dogs are great protectors. Whenever Tulip hears something she begins to bark

alerting my whole family that there is movement somewhere.

12. There is never a boring moment when you own a dog. Every day after Tulip’s

morning walk she sprints back into my house looking for someone or something

to play with.


Dogs are truly the best animals out there, they constantly provide us with love and

attention and it is our responsibility as pet owners to always spoil them rotten!