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10 Things You’ll Miss About America While Studying Abroad

So, it’s been a couple of months since you left for the best time of your life. You’ve made good friends, traveled far, spent way too much money, and made some amazing memories. In the beginning, coming home sounded iffy. But, now you have been away from America for what seems like just too long, you find yourself missing some of the basics…


1. A Dryer

They may not have warned you about the fact that you’re going to have to dry your clothes over chairs, clothing lines, and drying racks while in Italy. On top of that, waiting for your clothes to dry may take days! Yup, that feeling of warm socks or warm sheets does not exist anymore.

2. Friends and Family

Unless your family planned to come visit you or you planned to study abroad with your friends, your heart is heavy and you need to see familiar faces. Skype and Viber aren’t always reliable, and did I mention the annoying time difference?

3. Your Pets

You come home from a long day of school or work, and there’s no furry friend to greet you tand help you de-stress. Sure, you could steal the dog tied up outside the supermarket, but it still won’t compare to your pet cat, Fluffy.

4. Netflix

“WHAT?! THERE’S NO NETFLIX IN EUROPE?!” Good luck trying to illegally download movies and TV shows that actually work. Where’s my excuse to be lazy now?

5. Comfortable beds

Do you like sleeping on rocks? Do you miss fluffy pillows? Come study abroad where the beds are nothing compared to your bed at home. Bring sleeping pills–you’ll need them.

6. Data

Wifi is your best friend in the dorms and school buildings. But, once you step outside those areas, good luck trying to find free wifi again. Unless you’re paying for an international sim card, trying to find wifi or data is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

7. English

Huh? What did you say? Do you speak English? No? I have no idea what is going on. 

8. Convenience

Do you want to go to the grocery store really quick? Just kidding…it’s a 30-minute walk and a 10-minute metro ride. Also, trying to find everything you need in one place is impossible. I suggest you bring your running shoes and plan your day accordingly. 5-minute trips to Target will be missed.

9. Driving

Chipotle drives blasting One Direction with your girlfriends are the best, along with the random midnight drives to McDonald’s because your drunken friends won’t stop chanting “MC-DON-ALD’S!” The desire for an international driver’s license is real. 

10. Your home university

Yes, you’re having the time of your life eating Belgium chocolate in Brussels and sipping tea in London, but seeing instas of your friends at your home university hurt. It’s the little things that would make your abroad home feel more like your real home.


It’s surprisingly the little things that make your abroad home feel least like your real home.

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