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10 Things The New Year Probably Hasn’t Changed About You

Everyone knows that, with the ringing in of the New Year, also comes the ringing in of everyone’s New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions are set to make ourselves feel as though we will accomplish things and better ourselves in the upcoming year. However, the resolutions that would require the most work are usually the ones to get dropped the fastest. Ultimately, regardless of how many resolutions you’re promising to stick to this year, we know all too well that some things just never change.

1. Your dieting habits.

Because if we’re being honest, you probably won’t even set a diet, nevermind sticking to one. Dieting has been among your New Year’s resolutions for the past three years…maybe next year we’ll get that beach bod?

2. Your frequent all-nighter habits.

Why fight the inevitable? You’re basically nocturnal now, and the “New Year, new you” motto really doesn’t have the power to change that.

3. Your level of daily productivity.

There is only so much productivity that can be accomplished when Netflix has unlimited and addicting TV series calling out your name.

4. Your exercise habits.

The thought is always more appealing than the act of exercise iteself. Originally, you were excited to sport your new Lululemon yogas on the treadmill, but then you realized binge-watching Netflix is way more fun.

5. The amount of money you spend vs. the money you have.

It’s always easy to stay on budget until you need a new “going out outfit” or some much needed retail therapy. Why save money for necessities when you could buy something new and sparkly?

6. Staying in your comfort zone and true to yourself.

Staying in your comfort zone and staying in your bed…same thing, right?

7. The high standards you hold yourself and your life to.

Because let’s face it, nothing ever lives up to those standards you set. The only thing you can expect at this point is nothing living up to your expectations.

8. Your tolerance for particularly frustrating social situations.

Unfortunately, certain people will never become more tolerable.

9. Your uncanny optimistic view on life.

That’s the spirit.

10. The one strategy that is sure to boost your confidence on a daily basis.

Not even a new year can take your inner Beyoncé from you.


Cheers to the New Year and cheers to the not-so-new you!

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