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10 Signs You’re a Freshman at SHU

Every year, a senior class will graduate Sacred Heart and start “adulting” in the real world. And as a senior class graduates, a wave of incoming freshmen swarm the campus. If you’re an upperclassman, you’re usually able to spot a freshman from a mile away. Here are 10 tell-tale signs that you’re a freshman at SHU:

1. The lanyard.

This will automatically give away that you’re a freshman. At every open house, accepted students day, orientation, etc., parents and new students flood the bookstore to buy SHU merchandise in bulk. One of the most popular items is (unfortunately) lanyards. Parents justify these loops of fabric by saying they’re “convenient,” and show school spirit. But really, they just make you look like a typical freshman. These are a no-go.

2. You have to ask where things are on campus.

Standing nervously in the middle of the Main Academic Building not knowing where the UC, SC, or HC is? Yup, that means you’re a freshman. The first week of class is filled with freshman standing idle in the middle of the three hallways, hoping the one they walk down will be the right one. Don’t worry, freshmen. You’ll pick the right hallway by next week!

3. The long lines for the SHUttle.

Once you’re an upperclassmen and have a car on campus, you can’t help but laugh at the long lines of freshman fighting to get on the 20-person SHUttle to get to the mall and buy an outfit for Friday night. It’s okay though, we’ve all been there. 

4. Stopping in the middle of the hallway to talk to friends.

Probably the one freshman habit that annoys upperclassmen the most is when a freshman is walking in front of you just stops short to talk to friends. Not only do they cause traffic on the way to class, but you always get bumped into a million times. C’mon, freshman. We have places to be and people to see!

5. You have to walk with a group.

Once a freshman stops to talk to friends, it is inevitable that this group will walk together back to the dorms or to class. This means they will take up the whole width of the hallway in order to all stay involved in the conversation. Oh, the joys of trying to fit in. 

6. Struggling in the Art of Thinking.

Every SHU student knows how unnecessary and difficult Art of Thinking is. Proofs, arguments, and diagrams are the last thing we want to do when we have a biology test next class! 

7. Meal Swipes & Dining Dollars.

When you first arrive at SHU, you are given a ton of dining dollars and meal swipes to use Linda’s and 63’s whenever you want. What could go wrong? Well, every freshman knows what it’s like to ask friends for dining dollars to pay for a salad at the end of the semester because you spent all of your dollars on Starbucks in the library. Spend wisely, freshman!

8. The waffle station.

Sometimes all you crave on a Saturday morning after a wild Friday night is a waffle from 63’s. Every freshman can say their first time making a waffle was not pretty. Batter goes everywhere, and the waffle always comes out half cooked. Definitely not hangover food goals.

9. Passing dorm security guards like your life is on the line.

Every freshman has had to experience the struggle of rushing out of the dorm without a security guard stopping to talk and ask you where you’re going on a Friday night, or why you’re wearing a crop top in 30 degree weather. We’re just trying to have some college fun! Just let us do our thing, and we will let you do yours. 

10. 2am Linda’s. Period.

This goes hand in hand with #7, and is the main reason for wasting dining dollars. On the weekends at SHU, all the freshman will go out to have a good time, just for the party to get cancelled or raided. But that doesn’t mean the night is over! Everyone retreats to Linda’s in the late hours of the night to get pizza and quesadillas and talk about what had happened a couple of hours before. It is like another party! This is probably the most positive freshman habit. After-parties are great!

If you’re guilty of any of these freshman habits, don’t fret! We’ve all been there, and it’s a part of the college growing process! When you look back on these funny, yet slightly embarrassing habits, you will laugh! So, enjoy them! SHU will still love you during this stage.

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