10 Reasons Why December is the Best Month of the Year

For most of us, the month of December brings one thing to mind: finals. We spend most of the month living in the library until 3am, and the rest of the month catching up on the sleep we all lost. We something forget to remember that December is the most joyful and happiest month of the year. Here are 10 reasons why December is the best month of the year~

1. Christmas...Duh! 


2. The pretty lights EVERYWHERE you go


3. The sweet smell of holiday drinks


4. Having an excuse to wear a sweatshirt, leggings and fuzzy socks every day


5. Endless holiday parties


6. Taking a trip to NYC is like walking right into a fairytale


7. The first sight of snow


8. Watching Polar Express, Elf, etc. without anyone judging


9. Your diet consists of Christmas cookies and no shame


10. Finals are finally over and you can spend your time with your family and friends

Happy Best Month of the year everyone!