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10 Reasons We Are SALTY About Winter

For all of you non-New Englanders who have never seen snow before, we get that you’re excited. Snow-covered trees are beautiful and the stillness in the air is the type of peace we all crave in our chaotic lives. But, the truth of the matter is, the snow storms that used to mean snow days and hours of sledding outside now mean online Blackboard assignments and shoveling your 1999 Ford Explorer out of an avalanche. Next come the plows (few and far in between in this neck of the woods) that love to barricade your driveway with piles of snow from the street…there goes the four hours of shoveling you did this afternoon. On top of that, that beautiful white snow has developed a light brown hue along with the casual yellow circle where your next-door neighbor’s dog peed. Needless to say, we’re all a little salty about the winter season. Here are a couple reasons why a majority of us are jumping for joy after hearing Punxsutawney Phil’s verdict that spring will be arriving early this year:

1. After any storm, SHU decides to pile the snow in actual parking spots.

No worries, SHU. We’ll just leave an extra hour early for class to try to find a spot in your already overcrowded parking lots…

2.  Living off-campus is great and all until you realize snow removal is NOT a part of your lease agreement. Four girls with nothing but shovels trying to clear two feet of snow and a driveway that fits five cars results in nearly broken backs. No, just no.

3. Spring break is just around the corner, yet we still find ourselves snacking on hot chocolate, homemade cookies, chocolate, and more chocolate at all waking hours of the day. Something about the winter makes you want to curl up with your space heater and EAT.

4. The everyday struggle of swapping those chic ripped jeans and oversized sweaters for leggings, snow boots, your puffy winter jacket and about ten other layers. Dressing for the weather ultimately trumps over trying to look cute during the winter months and we’re so not about it.

5. Just when you get excited for a snow day, it snows on SATURDAY, messing up your weekend plans. For some reason, you blame SHU (or Bridgeport). 

6. If you’re car doesn’t have four-wheel drive, you can’t even think about leaving your house for the next two days. Sorry professor, but I can’t come to class today because my car won’t make it out of the driveway (not like that would be an excused absence, though). 

7. Once you move off-campus, you’re expected to pay the gas bill. In the college world, that means leaving the thermostat at the lowest possible temperature to avoid paying crazy expensive bills. As you can imagine, relying heavily on heated blankets and the warmth of the oven is not anyone’s ideal situation. 

8. Cringing at the sight of your formerly sleek black car that magically turned white after the past storm.  We have a love/hate relationship with salty situations. Yes, the salt overflow saves us from tumbling down Park Ave., but its seemingly permanent effect on your car is something to complain about. Sorry Dad, but unless you’re paying we’re not dropping bills on a car wash.

9. Snow by itself is picturesque and all, but snow paired with wind is a disaster waiting to happen. #ICan’tFeelMyFaceWhenI’mWithYou

10. Winter is home to one of the most dreaded holidays: Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing quite like being cold and alone on the ultimate snuggling day of the year.

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Katie Gennusa

Sacred Heart

Katie Gennusa is a Senior at Sacred Heart University. She is a Communications major, with a concentration in Public Relations, and a minor in Business Administration. Aside from being a Her Campus Staff writer, she is President of Kappa Delta Sorority and Editor-In-Chief of Pioneer Magazine. Katie enjoys going to SoulCycle and working at a local boutique in her town. She hopes to one day own her own business.
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Colleen O'Melia

Sacred Heart

Colleen O'Melia is a senior at Sacred Heart University. She is an English major with a concentration in Writing. Aside from being the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Sacred Heart, she is President of Sacred Heart's Education Club, volunteers at a local schools, and mentors young students.
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