10 Inevitable Thoughts We All Have During Syllabus Week

In college, we all know the first week of classes differs from any other week throughout the whole semester. While adjusting to new professors, a new semester and settling in, we all have these common thoughts during this transition period.

1. “I wonder if this professor cancels class often...”

Because nothing's better than getting an email the night before your class, notifying you that your class has been cancelled. Alarm = off.

2. “But do I actually need to buy this textbook?”

We’ve all reluctantly bought an expensive textbook and returned it to the bookstore at the end of the semester with dust on them because we crack that book open only once.

3. “Why is this class mandatory?”

Every university requires an array of common core classes, mandatory for all students. Have you ever taken a mandatory course and asked yourself every day “is this class really benefiting me?”

4. “Is it bad if I go to the bathroom during the first class?"

First impressions are very important, and you don’t want to seem rude on the first day but a quick, quiet bathroom isn’t that distracting to the class.

5. “How many times do I need to be lectured about plagiarism?”

I understand why every professor goes over the consequences of plagiarism, but by the 5th time I hear it I have the school handbook memorized.

6. “Ugh, please don’t make me introduce myself to the class.”

Awkward icebreakers get old. Does my professor actually care where I’m from and what my major is? Probably not.

7. “What? We’re learning on the first day?”

On the first day of classes you expect the usually, going over the syllabus and leaving class a half hour early. But then when a professor starts to say “So if you all turn to page 22”, it's heartbreaking.

8. “Was the dining hall this bad last year?”

Coming back to school, you’re not only adjusting to classes, but your body is getting used to the cafeteria food too, which can be a little bit of a shock.

9. “No food or drink allowed in a 3-hour block? I need to drop this class.”

I’m sorry but the only thing that gets me through a block class is a large iced coffee and any kind of sugary food. Don’t deprive me.

10. “I don’t want syllabus week to end!”

Syllabus week has so many exciting and fun elements to it. It’s like the first day of kindergarten for a whole week, minus a school bus and walking through the hallway in


Syllabus week is the only week of the semester you have zero responsibilities. So, I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted!