10 Halloween Costumes To Avoid This Year

With Halloweekend quickly approaching, everyone’s scrambling to put together the perfect costume (or, should we say, costumes). With a college student’s budget and the potential need for more than one costume, it’s easy to turn to costumes that are classic, yet way overdone. So, if you’re looking to win any costume contests this year, try to avoid these 10 costumes:

1. The Sexy Nurse


Yes, this costume is cute, pretty cheap, and there are so many options. But, with all the positivity recently surrounding the nursing field after Miss Colorado walked onto the Miss America Pageant stage in scrubs, why would you want to degrade the field by sexualizing it?


2. Any Type of Animal

This is one of the easiest costumes, which is probably why it’s so overdone. All you need is an all-black outfit, some makeup and a pair of animal ears. With so many animals to choose from, it’s also an easy group costume. If you decide to go with this costume anyway, beware: Your group of mice will probably expand from five girls to twenty girls upon arriving at any party.


3. Police Officer

Because there’s nothing quite like doing something illegal dressed like someone who could arrest you for doing it. Real original, ladies.


4. Risky Business

This is by far the easiest and most inexpensive costume on the list. If you don’t own a button down, some spandex and a pair of socks, or at least know somebody who does, you must be living under a rock. But, sorry ladies, nobody will ever be able to pull off the look half as well as Tom Cruise.


5. The Sheet Ghost

This is probably the oldest costume on the list. Even Charlie Brown has rocked the sheet ghost costume. If you decide to go for this simple and insanely cheap costume this Halloween, at least try to switch it up and make it a “chic” ghost costume. Oh, and be sure you cut the eye slits in the right places. 


6.    Princess


Any girl who says she didn’t want to be a princess when she was growing up is lying. There's a 95% chance you were already Cinderella when you were little, so why do you need to relive this childhood costume? More importantly, why sexualize a princess that your five-year-old cousin aspires to be? 


7. Angel/Devil

If you see a girl dressed as the devil this weekend, you can bet her best friend is dressed as an angel. While it is a cute costume for best friends, it is so overdone. Plus, are you really going to be acting like an angel this Halloweekend? Swap the angel/devil costume and go for a Pinterest-inspired creation that doesn't include wings that will knock everyone's drinks over all night.


8. Vampire

Let me guess. You want to wear fake teeth and red contacts for the night. Yeah, that looks cool and all, but everyone wants to sport that look this weekend. And, let’s be honest, the only people who can pull off the fangs and pale face look are The Cullens.


9. “Headline” Costumes

While these costumes change every year based on the popular headlines at the time, they are still known for attracting hundreds around Halloween. We’re bound to see multiple Donald Trumps, Caitlyn Jenners, and blue/black/white/gold dresses wherever we go this year. These costumes will most likely cause controversies wherever they’re worn and nobody wants to relive the whole “what color is the dress?” debate.


10. School Girl

"I wore a uniform every day at my  high school, so I'll just wear that as a costume so I won't have to spend any money!" - every private school girl on this planet. YAWN. Sorry Britney, but how many school girls do we need to see at SoNo Friday night? 


If your costume is on this list, don't fret! There is still enough time to change it before Halloweekend begins. But, if you're really lacking creativity, don't sweat it. We promise not to judge.