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The 10 Apps Every Girl Needs On Her Phone

If you’re a college girl, then your phone is your entire life. It’s glued to your hand at all times, whether you’re using it for social media or fun and games. I surveyed the ladies of Sacred Heart and discovered the 10 apps that every girl needs on their phone:


1. YouTube

“YouTube for sure, because I use it everyday; it’s what I watch instead of television. I have learned so much through YouTube, especially about makeup, hair, and nails that I couldn’t have learned anywhere else. Also, because I am now a Youtuber as well,” said junior Megan Garofalo.

I can agree with this. I’m subscribed to plenty of awesome YouTubers myself!


2. Shazam

“Shazam is my favorite app because I love to discover new songs on the radio and if I don’t know it, it’ll tell me,” said senior Kaleigh Paccioretti.

I used to have Shazam on my phone! Very helpful for discovering new music.


3. Daily Celebrity Crossword

“Daily Celebrity Crossword, because I’m a grandma and I like puzzles. Everyday there’s a new crossword puzzle. Everyday of the week has a theme like “Movie Monday,” “TV Tuesday,” etc., so that’s what the clues are about,” said senior Jenna Demeo.

Hm… I might have to get on this one.


4. Snapchat

“Snapchat for sure, because I get to take selfies, use filters to make me look better, and use funny filters to make fun of other people,” said sophomore Sarah Sullivan.

I LIVE for the Snapchat filters!


5. Twitter

“Twitter, because that’s how I keep up with social justice issues on the go,” said junior Katie Adams.

Social justice issues, music, movies, etc. Everything is on there. Can’t go wrong with Twitter!


6. Sephora

“The Sephora app is great because not only can I search for great quality makeup, but I get alerts when there are exclusive sales or deals going on,” said junior Paula Traver.

I’m more of an Ulta kind of girl, but Sephora is awesome, too! Gotta take advantage of every deal you can find.


7. Instagram 

“My favorite app is Instagram! I love to be able to see pictures of what everyone is doing, being able to almost feel like part of that memory, and share my memories with other people. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words,” said junior Victoria Milhomens.

Well said and agreed! Get my good side?


8. Fitbit

“My favorite app on my phone has to be my Fitbit app. It is like a game to me and it encourages me to beat my 10K step goal. It is an addiction,” said sophomore Molly Gillotti.

Obsessed with Fitbit. Step goal challenge anyone?


9. Weather 

“Even though there are so many variations of weather apps, every girl knows this is essential to their daily lives. What will I wear today? Vest or jacket? Will the rain or humidity ruin my hair? Should I just go for sweats? It’s even more useful for a night out, especially when deciding between jeans on a chilly Spring night or a dress if it’s going to be warmer,” said junior Geena Henthorn.

This one I would definitely have to agree with! Northeastern weather is so unpredictable, and weather apps make us feel like we have a little more control over the issue. 


10. Pandora

“Probably my Pandora app. I love listening to music and Pandora picks random songs you have never heard before, so I never know what I’m going to hear next. I also find new amazing artists and songs I would have never listened to if I hadn’t heard their songs on the playlist,” said sophomore Leda Ferranti.

10/10 reccomend this one! Music is life. Gotta have all the good music on your phone to get through the rough days. 


My personal favorite app? Definitely my “Week Agenda” app because I like to be organized always. It acts as a personal calendar and notifies you of things you have to do! I set it every Sunday night with things I have to do throughout the week and it is a tremendous help. So, technically even though that’s 11 apps, you can’t have enough of them (that is, unless you have no memory left in your phone).


Happy App Hunting!

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