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The Zodiac Signs as Halloween Candy

With Halloween just a few days away and finals creeping upon us, we figured there’s enough frightening things around to make you scream. So to balance things out a bit, we’re sharing what each zodiac sign would be if they were Halloween candy. Sweet huh? 

After all, it’s called trick or TREAT right? If you were a Halloween candy here’s what you’d be based on your sign!

Aquarius: Skittles

Aquarius, you like fun and what’s more fun than a colorful bag of Skittles? You also like making sure that everyone is happy and in a social setting you will make it your duty to interact with everyone and make sure everyone is comfortable and happy. This trait of yours can be thought of as a bag of skittles with different flavors to please everyone.

Pisces: Marshmallows

Pisces, you are the ultimate softies. You are super sweet and sometimes let your emotions get the best of you. You spread yourself thin for the ones you love without thinking twice. However, although you can be sensitive, you are also very straightforward. What you get is what you see! We love that Pisces realness!

Aries: Sour Patch Kids

As the saying goes, first they’re sour, then they’re sweet! Aries, you are known for being very frank which sometimes can be read as mean and, well, that can be very off-putting for most people, but once they get to know you, they’ll find out that your bluntness is actually coming from a place of compassion and you usually have their best interest at heart. Stay true to you Aries!

Taurus: Red Hots  

Taurus, you’re a classic! Just like Red Hots, you have that fiery attitude of passion and determination but one wrong word can quickly turn that passion into something less desirable. Though you’re a little hot-headed, you are still fun to be around and most people enjoy your company. Keep turning the heat up on em Taurus! 

Gemini: Twix

Geminis, you are known for your ability to switch up quick. With your symbol as a pair of twins, there’s always a mystery to which side of you will face the world each day. However, just like a Twix candy bar, there’s one thing we can for sure expect; the two sides to a Gemini always being present. 

Cancer: Nerds

Cancers, you are the type of friend that everyone needs! Just like a box of nerds, there’s always plenty to share when it comes to you whether it’s sharing snacks, clothes, ideas or even advice. You are sweet and an optimist! You are also a thinker and tend to always have a list from plan A to plan Z for every situation. You’re such a forward thinker! 

Leo: M&Ms

Leo’s you are the M&M’s of the zodiac. I have never met someone who doesn’t like M&Ms! Same thing for Leos. You tend to get along well with every zodiac sign and you seem to be a favorite. Also, you mix and blend well with other signs, just like M&M’s with other snacks (tell me you’ve tried the M&M’s/popcorn combo!)

Virgo: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Virgos, you are practical, realistic and logical, so it’s a no brainer that you’d be the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. It’s one of the more healthy options and the perfect choice for getting your candy fix in without overindulging. Virgos are resourceful and diligent which are traits that are favored amongst everyone, just as Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are (which was named the #1 candy in the US btw!).

Libra: Candy-corn

Libras, you get a lot of slander. The same thing can be said for candy-corn, a lot of people seem to dislike candy-corn for reasons unknown to me (because I think they’re delicious). However, Libras and candy-corn tend to share more in common than just being an acquired taste. Candy-corn is designed with three different color layers, kind of like your personality. With your sign symbol being a scale, balance is important to you and you tend to have three layers to you, which you balance well I might add; the wild side, the quiet side and the responsible side. Keep it up Libras!

Scorpio: Jolly Ranchers

Tough but sweet! Just like a Jolly Rancher, you are very passionate about whatever you set out to accomplish and sometimes this may come off as bossy or demanding, especially if someone tries to get in the way of you accomplishing your goals, but it’s not who you are. Let’s just chalk it up to your intense passion. The more time people spend around you Scorpio, they will see your true colors and they’ll soon learn that behind that tough shell is a sweet surprise waiting. Stay sweet Scorpio!

Sagittarius: Gummy Bears

Sagis, you are one of the most loving signs! You shower your loved ones with love and cherish the sweet gushy moments you spend together, which is why Sagis would make the perfect gummy bear. Gummy bears remind us of our happy childhood and bring back our favorite memories with each sweet chewy bite. We cherish you Sagi!

Capricorn: Pop Rocks Candy

Just like Capricorns, no one quite understands exactly how pop rocks work all we know is that we enjoy it. Capricorns are complex and sometimes unpredictable. You tend to always be one step ahead of the crowd which leaves everyone dazzled at the way your mind works. Keep on rocking Capricorns!

Are you gonna go stock up on the candy that matches your sign? I mean, there’s no better excuse than this one. With that being said, point me to the candy aisle!

Zahrea is an International Transfer student at Sacramento State University who's majoring in Computer Science. She has a strong passion for fashion and style, writing and anything pink. She believes that self expression is an art and one of the best parts of life. Most times, Zahrea chooses to express herself with her outfits. In her spare time you can probably find her binge-watching Gilmore Girl on Netflix, working on TrulyRea; her personal blog or in the line at Starbucks.
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