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YouTube Stars Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson Visit Sacramento

On February 23, 2019, Jeffree Star came to Sacramento, CA. Yes, you read that correctly. Jeffree Star came to Sacramento! He didn't come alone; He came with friend Shane Dawson and cameraman Andrew Siwicki. Jeffree Star is a YouTuber, makeup artist, and a singer. He is mostly known for his successful makeup brand and making makeup related videos on his YouTube channel. Shane Dawson is also a YouTuber and he is known for his documentary-based videos. Andrew is Shane's videographer, friend, and co-editor. Shane and Jeffree announced on another collaboration and I am super pumped about it! The event took place at the Arden Fair Mall literally 10-15 minutes away from campus. It was cool to hear that a big influencer like Star was coming to Sacramento for his product launching. As a city, we are getting more exposure due to massive events like this.

Photo Courtesy of Jeffree Star from Twitter 

The Morphe store was open from 8am-9pm, but Jeffree didn't come to meet fans until 12pm-3pm. Unfortunately, only a few got to meet Jeffree at the meet and greet. While only a few got a chance to meet Jeffree, there were way more people outside the Morphe store to see him here because it was simply hard to believe. There were hundreds of people both inside and outside of the mall. Fans from other parts of California came as well to meet their favorite beauty influencer. I wish I was there! Being an avid viewer and supporter of Shane and Jeffree, I am ecstatic about their success and collaboration. I’m happy for the fans that met them.

Photo Courtesy of Morphe from Twitter

Hopefully, more influencers can come to Sacramento and host events. Everyone in the event was respectful and supportive. Jeffree looked gorgeous AF. Don’t forget to check out Jeffree Star Cosmetics to see his latest collection.  “Sacramento is Jeffree Star approved,” said Star. Here is the video of Jeffree saying Sacramento is approved by Jeffree Star.

Photo Coutesy of Jeffree Star from Twitter

As a Sacramento native, I feel special that two very popular influencers chose to come here. I still am in awe that Jeffree and Shane came to Sacramento. It feels so surreal! Hopefully, Shane and Jeffree come again. They are always welcome in Sacramento!


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