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What Is a Mukbang, And Why Is It So Popular?

What is a Mukbang?

Mukbang videos seems to be one of the hottest topics in the past year. Many people have heard of it or have even watched the videos themselves, but don’t know where the concept comes from.

To give a little background, it originated from South Korea and was created by the merging of two Korean words, meokneun which means “eating,” and bangsong meaning “broadcast.” When put together, you get “eating broadcast” a.k.a. mukbang. These broadcasts are usually streamed live but are now being uploaded onto YouTube for viewers to watch at their own convenience.

Now that you know what a mukbang is, you might be wondering why people actually like watching it. In South Korea, it’s common for single people to watch because it’s like someone is eating with them. This makes them feel less lonely especially if they live alone. Another reason why people watch mukbangs is to see the different delicacies that each video has to offer. Sometimes it may just be simple fast foods or it may be a dish that people eat on a rare occasion. Whether it’s a burger and fries or spicy seafood boil, it definitely leaves its viewers intrigued and wanting to watch more.

Mukbang was first introduced around 2010 which gathered both positive and negative reactions. Who would want to watch someone eat large amounts of food on a screen for hours? However, the trend soon became a worldwide phenomenon and people were embracing the idea of the mukbang. The rise of social media had a great effect in sharing these videos across different countries. Since social media is so accessible, sharing the latest trends has become as simple as a click to share, repost or retweet.

ASMR Mukbangs

Mukbang is frequently associated with the term ASMR, which stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.” ASMR commonly gives some people tingly feelings which can bring viewers a sense of calmness. Many people who watch ASMR do it for the purpose of relaxing. Mukbang videos are being made into ASMR videos and it has become very popular for both communities. Sounds of eating such as crunching, slurping and chewing can be calming for people affected by ASMR.

So with all the popularity that mukbang videos are gaining, I compiled a list to introduce it all to you!

Here is a list of my Top 5 YouTubers that everyone should watch:


With over 5 million subscribers, SAS is well known in the mukbang community. Her channel is worth checking out because of her ASMR eating videos which have become very popular. Instead of filming her whole face like most people, she films only her mouth to bring focus to the sounds of eating.

2. N.E Let’s Eat

This might come as a surprise, but the owner of this channel is the younger sister of SAS-ASMR. She is often featured in SAS’s mukbang videos and vice versa. She sometimes features her young children as guests which makes the videos a bit more special. They recently hit a milestone by reaching 2 million subscribers.

3. Bloveslife

Bloveslife has the best seafood boil mukbang in my opinion. The way she eats will surely have you drooling, making you wish you could be eating what she has in front of her. Her family is featured in many videos and she has content such as cooking tutorials, vlogs, beauty tips, etc. If you’re someone who likes a channel with a variety of content alongside mukbang, be sure to check out this one.


Keemi’s channel is one of the best mukbang shows because she creates videos that engage with her viewers. Not only does she eat in front of the camera, but she also teaches her audience how to make the dish at the beginning of the video. It truly draws people in to see the experience of what it’s like to prepare such mouth-watering food!

5. Zach Choi ASMR

One thing that makes Zach’s mukbang videos particularly special is that he unboxes his food at the beginning of the video. Those who love ASMR videos will surely enjoy the sounds that are made when food is being unboxed and placed neatly in front of the screen. He also shows his viewers how to cook the dish if it is being homemade. Of course, everything from unboxing to cooking is ASMR style, as the channel’s title says.


Whether you’ve been a fan of mukbang for a while or this is your first time hearing about it, be sure to give these YouTubers a try if you haven’t already.


Samirah Yang

Sacramento '22

Samirah is currently a second year at Sacramento State and majors in Psychology. Some of her interests include writing, photography, videography, and eating.
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