Meredith Kress-Converse And Fallen Leaves

The Ultimate Fall 2019 Bucket List

Fall is a season that is enjoyed by many people. Who doesn’t love cooler weather, wearing sweats and hoodies and the holidays? Not only that but as students, it is very important to take breaks from studying once in a while and do something fun that will uplift our spirits and get us through the rest of the semester. We all know we want to!

There is so much that you can do this season so here is a list that will help get you started:


1. Go to a corn maze/pumpkin patch

Dell Osso is a well-known place for your fun fall festivities!

2. Go trick-or-treating

One of the best areas to go for this activity is the Fabulous Forties in East Sacramento.

3. Buy fall scented candles

Check out Bath & Body Works or your favorite local candle shop!

4. Bring out the booties

UGGs are here for the season! 

5. Go apple picking

Apple Hill anyone? It’s close to the Sacramento area and is the perfect place to spend time with friends and family.

6. Go to a football game

Sacramento State’s Homecoming game is this Saturday. Let’s go Hornets!

7. Pumpkin carving

Who doesn’t love a spooky little jack-o’-lantern?

8. Try new pumpkin spice drinks 

You can always go to a nearby Starbucks or check out a local coffee shop to see if they have any!

9. Fall photoshoot outside

Sacramento State is the perfect spot when the leaves start falling.

10. Wear fuzzy socks

It’s finally that time of year where it’s cold enough to bring out those socks.

11. Make a spooky basket

This is your chance to put together something special for a loved one!

12. Bake and decorate cookies

Pinterest never fails to give me inspiration!

13. Watch Halloween movies

Halloween Town will always be on the list every year.