The Tattoos of Sacramento State

Tattoos have grown in popularity this past decade, at the point that it's even difficult to find someone without a tattoo. Due to this increase in popularity and acceptance, the stigma around having tattoos is changing. We see more college students with tattoos now because the workplace is becoming more accepting of them. If we all get tattoos, they can't turn us all down, right?

The tattoos of Sacramento State is a feature on all of the beautiful body art that students have here. Every tattoo is unique in its own way and tells a story for the person who has it. This is a biweekly series to showcase five students and their ink. If you have a tattoo you would like featured, please submit it to us at HCSacState on Instagram or email us at [email protected].

Brady Garner, 23, Biochemistry major


Garner was 18 years old when he got the “Unconditional” script tattoo at Zebra in Walnut Creek.

“It signifies my unconditional love, support and loyalty to family. Specifically my older brother because through any conflict or disagreement, we have an unconditional understanding and support for each other,” says Garner.


Lilly Steward, 22, Communications major

Steward was 18 years old when she got “conformity is the ultimate form of self-betrayal” tattooed at Electric Voodoo Tattoo in Vacaville, California.

“When I got it I basically got it to signify not being a “sheep,” you make the choices for your life and they should be based off you want and believe, not what everyone else is doing. So, don’t conform to the societal norms just to simply fit in, and if you do you are betraying yourself and what you could be,” Steward says.  


Noelle Wilder, 22, Dance major with a minor in Child Development


Wilder was 20 years old when she got this tattoo of Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

“I am Deaf and the only Deaf dancer in our department. I’m always a part of two worlds (Deaf world and the hearing world) similar to Ariel being a part of the sea world and human world. Being accepted in both worlds is a struggle that Ariel and myself both faced growing up,” Wilder says.


Mikayla Furrow, 23, Communications major


Furrow got the tattoo of a peony flower when she was 22, and she is hoping to turn into a full sleeve at some point. The tattoo was done at American Tradition Tattoo on 19th street by Arthur Slagter.

“The peony flower is my favorite flower but it's known for the meaning of compassion and I have always cared for others and been a compassionate person,” Furrow says.


Jasmine Aquino, 19, Pre-Business major


Aquino’s tattoo is an unfinished dragon that she plans to get finished in the future when she has more money. The tattoo was done by Victor Munoz in Oakland when she was 18 years old.

“I was born 2000 and it’s the year of the dragon, I also love dragons, they symbolize strength and wisdom,” Aquino says.